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Jun 27, 2011
I know this will seem somewhat like a rant, but i honestly would like to hear what type of opinions others have on this matter.

Also, i can't be TOO detailed as i know others from my store (ETL-HR) read this forum regularly.

I have a problem with my ETL. We constantly get into arguments over how each other act, both professionally and beyond the work area.

Yesterday my ETL pulled me aside and coached me for something that happened over a week ago. We never see eye to eye and always have a verbal fight when we discuss our issues. We've been to our ETL-HR to discuss this, who is about as incompetent as the ETL i have issues with, as well as with our STL, who i highly respect and take advice from.

During our argument, she called me petty, childish, and fully lack the ability to take accountability, all while coaching me. I declined to talk about it with her multiple times, in fear that this type of argument would ensue, but she persisted and the outcome far exceeded what i had imagined. We've tried mediating with the ETL-HR and STL with no luck, and im honestly at my wits ends on the matter.

I feel i should keep at it to prove to the new ETL that she isn't the almighty and that her decisions also have consequences. But i also note that the stress she creates for me is completely unnecessary for the amount of pay i receive.

I guess what im getting at is, should i proceed further by contacting TMSC and having them get involved,which would put a large target on my back by anyone involved, or should i swallow my pride, admit defeat and allow her to continue on plaguing the rest of the store?

Mind you, I'm not the only one complaining about her. Her Sr.TL just quit because of her (last day was today), her brand TM quit 2 weeks ago because of her, and countless (I'm seriously not exaggerating) other TM's loathe her to the point that they've joined our Remodel team to avoid her.
Sit tight & document events well. I think your stl building a case to get rid of your bad etl & etl-hr not handling the issues.
Follow bp & do tasks for now.
Good luck!
Definitely document everything and request witnesses any time you are being coached. If this ETL is really causing that much of a disruption in the workforce, there should be plenty of evidence to build upon to show that they are a cause for loss of profit for the company(training new members and low performance due to low team morale). It sounds like your STL is genuinely concerned about your development, don't hesitate to approach them with your concerns, just mindful of how you talk about it.
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