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Sep 7, 2011
To make it short and simple a little while ago i had a interview at shoprite and i was offered more money which i turned down because I didnt want to keep switching jobs. I want to hold a job. So I told my ETL i declined and he said good. Quote " It will work out to your benefit ". Thats all he said. Well i talked to a fellow employee whos been there for awhile and he said i should have took that shoprite job. He worked at target for about 4 years and make only 36 cents more than me!!!!!! He than went on to say how they lie and theres no room to move up. So i have a interview at walmart pretty soon. What should i do if im offered more money??
Do whatever you want to do. It's your job and your time and your income. The reality is that, as an hourly Team Member at Target, it will take many years of continual full-time work to earn enough wage increases to be impressive. The ETL isn't going to badmouth his own company, and perhaps he sees potential in you for a promotion in the future. Who knows. We can't make these choices for you though.
I worked at SR for 4 years (my dad works for corporate) and honestly it all depends on the union your particular area covers. Back home, I got time and a quarter every Sunday (time and a half after your first year) and I got all sorts of raises (started at minimum wage and got a 90 day raise, plus a few yearly ones). Went from $6 to $9 in three years doing the same thing. Back then dues were about $6 - $8 a week but the Sunday pay, the chance for overtime (got it once or twice, didn't really request it as I was in high school; but they gave a coworker 80 hours a week for a few weeks at his request no problem), and the job security made it worth it.

I wanted to find a second job so I checked out the one by me owned by different people in a different state with a different union and they start at min. wage and only give $1 extra on Sundays the first year $2 the second up to $4. Plus dues to join the union and weekly ones. Not really worth it for a second job.

It all depends what benefits they offer.
Walmart pays more in my market, and I even know a Store Manager at one. I have considered the move before, but given I don't plan to stay in retail its not worth starting and the bottom again. Plus I know a few people that work at Walmart, they say things are even worse there, they all want to work at Target. Lol
Walmart in this region pays more then Target. If you're looking for another job don't let your store know anything until you get ready to leave. Also, so you know, you are not allowed to hold a job with a competitor while employed with Target, so it's one or the other. If you can try to pick up a day time part time job somewhere to supplement your income.
Target and Walmart both have pluses and minuses. You just have to weigh the options.

Just don't tell anyone that you are looking for another job until you get that job.

Also, just a word of advice: whatever you do, DO NOT burn any bridges at Target (or any job that you leave)....if you give two weeks' notice, then work that two weeks. You never know how the future will pan out. Someday Target may need to be called as a reference.....also, you may need a job in the future...and a job at Target is better than no job at all.

Good luck!
+10,000 on NOT burning any bridges.

You've no idea what the future may hold.

Case in point, I had a guy who was under me at one job who ended up being my supervisor at another.
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