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Oct 20, 2011
I hope I'm posting in the proper area. I'm fairly new, being added about a month back give or take. In any case, I've been "cross-trained" and wondered how long is acceptable to learn the basics? I feel like I'm not catching on fast enough and it's making me a bit nervous especially since I hear about some tests that I'm suppose to take. My training wasn't like A-B-C and so the first week was like a slam of info that didn't all stick and then I find that I didn't learn certain things that I was suppose to. I keep having to come up for guest first and that gives me anxiety since I wasn't really trained for it. I read the little book and didn't get any hands on until I was thrown up there during the really busy times. I'm a seasonal temp and I'd really like the brighten my chances of a full hire after the season's done. Any advice? Thanks guys!
Will do, thanks. I'm where ever they want me, mostly Green, Blue, and Red. Occasionally, Market and Softlines. I was shortly trained in GBI and Green. I figured they'd want me to keep up the "fast" part of the slogan and so I use the walkie quite a bit since I don't know the majority of what we carry, but it seems to annoy them to an extent. I don't do it for every question since I am trying to learn products on my own, but I feel like I'm not learning at the proper pace. I guess I'm considered Sales Floor Hardlines, then?
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yes, you are in hardlines aka salesfloor. ask your hr or tl for a learning plan, salesfloor training guide & be partnered with a HL trainer. know the shelf label first, that info mirrored to our inventory. then know the "brand" (for ex: tide soap), that will you find stuff for guests & pushing products on the shelf. use a price checker or pda, scan upc & it will tell where to go. dont forget zone a little when doing reshop or restocking(pushing) shelves. zoning is important too, little things done early, will help you in the end.
use the big overhead signs to help you find things too. always say CIHYFS to your guests & take them to the products theyre looking for.
good luck!
The best thing you can do is just to walk the store and learn where families of products are. Like how laundry soap is two aisles in the middle of cleaning supplies, the Plastic storage is in Domestics across from such-and-such, chocolate chips are in the aisle with the baking supplies along with this, that, and the other thing. You'll quickly learn where things are as you work pulls for various areas. Working pulls is the best practice for using the Not on Planogram and/or Item Search application, and just learning where things are.
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I miss the days when we had green, blue and red worlds.
Learn where the sewing supplies are, no we don't sell spray paint, and the matches are with the paper plates.
We don't sell yarn either! Or keyrings....I think.
In home storage, across from ironing boards, above sewing machines. There are needles & travel kit available too.
Correct me if I am wrong but hasn't Target sold yarn at one point in time? Like, 90's?

yes, we did sell yarn, there was an entire aisle in domestics at one point. It was a nightmare of no numbers, and a great deal upon clearance. We also sold cigarettes, they were under department 50. I remember checking in pallets of them. I remember selling car batteries, spark plugs, and I bought a clearance lawn mower once that still had gasoline in it. (it was a return, and we used it for about 10 years)
Another colored-world person! Welcome!
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