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Hardlines TM
May 29, 2017
Has anyone else got them? I think we’re a test store so that might be why... but god does everyone hate them...
Do you mean the plastic ones of the slightly improved metal ones
It’s the all metal ones. I don’t have a pic sadly..
My new store has them. They are smaller. Ill try to get a picture.
All metal?! That must mean I don’t have to fix the shitty plastic ones that line up every week!

They told us almost a year ago that we would be getting new ones, but the ETA keeps getting pushed back. Apparently there was some defects that needed to be addressed. Last I heard, we'll get them at my store some time between now and the end of February.
It doesn’t seem that long ago that we updated from metal carts to the plastic ones. I can’t imagine them getting swapped out again.
We don't have the plastic ones......maybe Spot's got no idea what's going on.
Y ea, we went from one kind of metal carts to a different set....the biggest difference was that the second set is incredibly easy to effort needed at all.
Just a little inside info. Your store should have “X” amount of carts. If you drop below a certain % out of 100% of your store’s carts (theft, unfixable damage) then the store will be sent replacements or the new model.

How does Spot find out this information you may be wondering? Your PMT does an annual audit in October/November and literally walks around counting them. Spot tacs an extra couple % on there because unless you do your count overnight, you’ll never find all of them.

Had your PMT known of this rating system then they might -accidentally- over look some in the parking lot or something.

I didn’t know there was a nation wide roll out of this model so my count was pretty good so I’m enjoying rebuilding plastic ones every week until who knows when...
I don’t think that’s the exact model but it’s very similar
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