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New & completed my first week, but still so confused.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by SLPumpkin, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. SLPumpkin

    SLPumpkin Team Member

    Hello all! I'm new to The Break Room, as well as to A&A/SL. I just completed my first week, and I'm still so unsure and confused.

    I had orientation earlier this week. My group was small, and we did a tour of the store, followed by introductions, paperwork, and the orientation video/slideshow thing. I was given my schedule and had my first shift shortly after. Awesome!

    When I went in for my first shift, I found my trainer who wasn't aware she would be training anyone that day. When I met with her, she was coming to the end of her 5th hour and needed to go to lunch, so she did a quick tour of SL and then left me in shoes (omg it was crazy) to zone. This is about 30-40 minutes into my (closing) shift. THANKFULLY, another TM (I'll call her Michelle) was nearby and I just asked her a TON of questions. She's really nice, and has been helping me every shift. I spent the next hour in shoes and was sent off to take my 15 minute break. Afterwards, I met back up with my trainer who then had me on table folds, which I spent the rest of my shift doing. This day wasn't too too bad.

    My next shift I was part of opening. I was scheduled to work with a different trainer, & again, she didn't know she was training someone that day. I probably spoke with my trainer no more than 5 minutes that entire shift. She showed me the U-Boats and Z-racks of merch that needed to be pushed to the floor. Thankfully Michelle was there to help me again. We pushed shoes and men's basics together for a bit. After we finished, my trainer had me do women's basics by myself. While doing this, a guest needed some help seeing if we had a specific set of stockings in stock as there weren't any on the floor. I had no idea what I was supposed to do :( I did let her know that I was new, and I would find another TM who could help me help her. I took one of the stockings (same one, but she needed a different size) to a TM who had a Zebra. She scanned it, and told me we didn't have any in stock. I went back to the guest, and apologized that we didn't have any. She thanked me, and moved on. While still pushing basics, I ended up finding the stockings the lady wanted, but I didn't see her around the are, & I felt horrible :( What should I do in a situation where a guest asks me for a specific item, but I don't have a Zebra?

    After break, I was assigned to push infant boys and girls' folds which more or less took me to the end of my shift. I haven't really been told what to do when it comes to the walkie talkie. While I was pushing, a request for someone in SL infants to grab an item for a guest came in. Michelle was on the other side of infants who took the request. But my question is, how would I respond to walkie talkie requests when someone asks? I know they ask to go to a different channel. But let's say I responded, how will I be able to locate and find what the guest wants in a timely manner? From what I’ve seen, there's only 1 or 2 people in SL that has a Zebra. So far, I've never been able to get one, let alone know how to even use it.

    Also, if a guest were to ask me where another department/area of the store is (let's say toys/video games), do I walk them over to that area even if i'm in like SL? I had a guest ask me, and I was in RTW, but I walked him over to show him.

    All in all, this week I've only learned how to zone and push shoes, shirt folds, and basics.

    1. What else am I supposed to be trained in? I've tried asking about expectations & a learning plan, and I usually am just told about zoning and pushing, while servicing the guest.

    2. What do I do about walkie talkie requests (I haven't used the walkie once yet, as it gives me a little anxiety thinking about it).

    3. When collecting go-backs do I just bring it to the FRO? Are go-backs and reshop the same thing? Let's say I'm zoning an area, do I grab the go-backs for that area in the FR and push them back out during a closing shift?

    4. Is it more efficient to dump the bins from the U-boats (non hanging merch) into a cart, bring it to the area, take the merch out of the bags, and push them where they belong? Or to unbag the items near the FR area, sort into a cart, and then bring them to the correct area to push? Michelle did it the first way, but I saw about 3 other SL TMs sort the U-Boats outside the FR. Michelle wasn’t around, so I asked another TM which was more efficient, and he just told me he prefers to organize and take everything out of the bags by the FR before pushing.

    5. What are huddles?

    6. What other questions should I be asking my trainer?

    I also still have no idea when I'll be doing computer and cashier training. HR told me they will call me for that.

    I tried reading as much as I can on the forums to be prepared, but I still feel so lost.

    Thank you for reading this far, and in advance for any help :)
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  2. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    It abounds like you are working flow & pushing truck.
    Please aak questions to your trainers again. You can talk to hr, team lead or LOD. My trainees are told do computer/cashier training in their first day by me. I want ensure that my trainees are trained correctly & know how to use all resources(radios, zebras, & price checkers, etc). I am salesfloor. But, I do help push truck when needed.
    Huddles are communication thing.
    Answering Call boxes & walkies, using zebras should done with you by your trainer.
    Go backs, reshop & abandons are the same thing.
    Learn all routines on sorting truck, you will figure out what is best.
  3. OP

    SLPumpkin Team Member

    Thank you :) I’ll definitely bring these up with my trainer. I see her again on my next shift so I’m hoping to have some more face time rather than just a quick hello with her. I’m on the sales floor too (doing Apparel & Accessories end to end), but again, it’s all so confusing for me haha. Do flow and softlines overlap? I just want to perform to the best of my abilities, but feel I’m lacking guidance.
  4. Hardlinesmaster

    Hardlinesmaster Business Partner

    Yes, flow & softlines overlay. Always ask questions on tasks & Guest service. Walk around the store to know where things are, like toys & sporting goods.
  5. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Yep, that sounds about right for how training usually goes these days.

    Be aware that every store does things differently, sometimes a little different and sometimes completely different. So a lot of your questions might have varying answers on here.

    From your description of the training process at your store, I'd bet you won't actually get to do any computer training. HR will just mark it off like you did it.

    Good luck and keep asking questions! You'll probably get the hang of things eventually.
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  6. OP

    SLPumpkin Team Member

    Will do! The store I work at is so much bigger than my local one. I’ll definitely do a walk through of the store since I’ve only really walked the racetrack. I just hope I won’t look suspect when I’m not on duty, haha.

    Thank you! Hopefully I can bring up my questions to my trainer tomorrow or Michelle. She said she’ll be there when I’m working & to ask her if I need help. Im just afraid I’ll ask “dumb” questions or too many. I don’t want it to reflect poorly on me.

    & ahhh! I do hope I get computer training. Will I be able to check my schedule online and/or setup direct deposit and without training?
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  7. JacobTX

    JacobTX Team Trainer

    Best advice
  8. Pale

    Pale Propane

    Ignore this idiot, he's just a troll.
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  9. LearningTree

    LearningTree Executive Team Lead

    If you don't have a zebra and a guest needs help in a situation where one would be useful, it's best to walk them over to a TM with a zebra and pass them off. Let the TM know what the guest is looking for and any special requests the guest made. It seems basic but it shows the guest you really care about getting them what they need. Also some guest just don't like to repeat themselves, which is understandable to some extent.

    When you clock in for the day you should grab a zebra and a walkie from the equipment cabinet, or have HR grab it for you depending on how your store operates. If there are no more zebras then make it a point to check in on a regular basis to see if one has been turned in. If you really need to locate something ask to borrow a TMs zebra. Honestly once you get used to your area you can just pull up the item using the target app on your phone to find out the brand/style/size and go pull it from the shelf (e.g. a guest is looking for denizen jeans. You know they're all on the back wall of men's. pull up the dpci on target.com to figure out the color/wash/style/sizing and then just go search the wall)

    ASANTS but in my store I expect my TMs to walk the guest over to the item when feasible. If it's all the way on the other side of the store, send the guest to a certain aisle and let them know you'll send another TM in that area to meet them.

    1. You need to own your own training. Next time you're in, ask your TL for 15-20 mins to look up the learning plan for softlines team members on Workbench (Workbench>Learning Plans>Store Number>Scroll down until you find your learning plan). Print off the overviews and keep track of what you've learned so far. Bring it up with your trainer and ask them to show you specific things from the learning plan. You're never going to cover everything if you let them just put you on a zone or push project every time. (Seriously, print it off and make it a point to take notes. It'll show leadership you care about your job.)

    2. Your fitting room attendant should always have a zebra. If you're the only one free to respond, ask the requestor to go to a different channel (typically try to keep conversations off of channel 1), write down the dpci, and the name of the guest, and head over to the fitting room to borrow their zebra. As soon as you find the item let the requestor know. Usually you'll just bring it to the service desk to be picked up. Sometimes you'll be directed to the guest.

    3. Yes go-backs and reshops are the same thing, although reshop is a term used more often in my store. ASANTS but in my store reshops should not be brought to the fitting room. They're supposed to be handed off to TMs in that area to put back. That's a recent change though. A few months back we used to take all softlines items to the fitting room to be re-hung and then sent to the floor. Check with your leadership. If you're zoning an area do not save all your strays and then dump them off at the fitting room. That's a quick way to make enemies. Any strays in your department that your find, you own. Put them back where they go. If they're for another department, ASANTS. Some stores want you to take them to service desk to be sorted, others may want you to walk them over to the TMs in the correct department. Best practice is to never bring anything to the service desk as they should only be dealing with items from returns. If you are going to take them to the service desk though, you need to sort them into the correct baskets yourself.

    4. I don't know too much about this. If you're pushing before the store opens, you may be fine sorting in front of the fitting room. During operating hours, don't do it. Sort off-stage or maybe a low traffic area. As a guest I'd be pissed if I had to fight my way through a sea of sorting TMs and their carts just to try on something. I'd leave and go to another store where I don't feel like as if I'm in the way.

    5. Huddles are quick meetings with all TMs in a certain area. Leadership uses this as a way to give recognition; go over new strategies, new launches, new info in general; and to make a plan for the day. Some huddles will be more informational than others. Some huddles will come with a "blitz" of the area where everyone spends some time, for instance, going through pfresh and removing all expired food.

    6. Ask your trainer anything and everything: your learning plan, policies, problem solving, metrics (if you can speak to your departments metrics as a TM, your leadership will love you), best practices, etc.

    Good luck!
  10. OP

    SLPumpkin Team Member

    THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! Honestly, I truly appreciate all the information and answers to my questions :)

    Someone from HR was in when I started today. I asked him about my learning plan, and he said he would print it for me and put it in a cabinet. He said I could get it when I start my computer training. He also asked my trainer if I could do computer training today, but since SL was super behind, she really needed me on the floor. I was given a mini z-rack to push and was able to clear it before my break. I left my empty rack by the FR before my break and when I came back, someone had dumped so much unsorted stuff in it :( My trainer saw it and she helped me clear it. She and I both couldn't believe it, but we worked through it together :)

    All in all, I got to spend more time with my trainer today, and asked lots :) I was mostly doing go-backs in RTW as well as folds. I also go in again later this week for a close shift with my TL. It'll be my first time with her, but I'll ask again about the learning plan and computer training.
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  11. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    Yeah that is not the type of stuff that's covered in training. I think. I've never actually done computer training.

    You're probably going to notice that happens every day.
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  12. OP

    SLPumpkin Team Member

    Would I call CSC to help get a temporary password? I’ve tried to view my schedule online, but no idea how to get a password :( I’m so sorry for all the questions!
  13. Nokiddiegloves

    Nokiddiegloves Team Leader

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  14. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    On a computer in the store, open Workbench (has a red WB icon) and go through the password reset process from the login page. It will take some info from you and give you a temp password. You'll use your TM number and temp password to login to Workbench, and it will have you create your own password. That password along with your TM number is what you'll use to log in to almost everything and it's good for 6 months.

    Keep in mind that I think it takes a few minutes for a password change to work, so both your temp password and newly created password might not work on the first try. Just give it 5-10 minutes.