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Jun 21, 2011
Our payroll allocation for the schedule we are currently writing, broke our store record for LOWEST sales floor hours......EVER. 8 for softlines. 11 for hardlines. Sales floor is allocated 68, BUT those are all for Sr. TL LOD shifts. Love it. HA!
8 and 11 HOURS for the whole week?? Thats not even enough to schedule a day...
Wow. I don't even know what to say its that horrible. What if you were to have a call off on one of those shifts. Lets face it it does happen! Just yesterday we only had 3 people to close salesfloor with and one guy called off. Fun times.
I had a guest get so frustrated at something that he put his hands on my throat and then tried to joke it off. I was the only person on the sales floor and our LOD was upset that I didn't call anybody over the walkie while he had his hands on my throat.

It's been weird.
Yes, for the week. Ridiculous isn't it? Makes the schedule easy to write :mda:
The roller coaster continues! Then they ask why guest scores are so low..
We got busted in electronics, because Tm's were talking to each other & not the guest! I got a hold of newbie & said to them, stay away the boat & ask every guest, cihyfs, no matter what! He's done it & help sales on slow nights!
Gtc to him! His tl has no clue on what he does for the team. But I do!
Why are there barely any hours? I feel like we have been freaking booming these past few months! This is usually the "slow" period of the year but its been non stop! I just don't get it!
We have a CA on week nights from 6-10:30 and weekends from 12-10:30.
We were $500,000+ over sales for March, then had a "huge visit" last week, and used way too many hours to make the store look "perfect". So, now they have to cut 200 hours over this week and next.

What a crappy way to treat the TMs that helped get those sales...shit like this is what makes people start talking about unions.
yeah uh for some perspective .. we get about 300 hours a week for softlines. :|
You know hours are bad when you copy your schedule on a "Year at a Glance" calendar.
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