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What does everyone think about the new return policy? (only 45 days instead of 90 on cameras,
laptops, ipads, etc.) Some guests like to shop early for Xmas and they are getting upset when they
buy a camera now for a gift and they find out
it cannot be returned after the holidays because it will be over 45 days.
I giggled like a maniac when I found out about it. Know why? Because now, customers can no longer be greedy little @$%^'s that remind me of why I hate the holidays. Furthermore, just as I anticipated, customers are far more willing to purchase service plans now that they realize they cannot return an item within 90 days. Also when I illustrate the fact that they cannot return or exchange a product they damage (you never could, but jesus christ the amount of people that think this).
I'm with Darius. Service plans are the new return policy. Our service plans are good. Service plans are already easy to get, but this should make them even easier! If I am working at the boat, a camera won't leave the store without a case, card, and service plan. They are slam dunks.
I'm happy, I think our return policy is too lenient still. If I had my way it would be 30 days for unopened merc with a receipt or a way to look up the receipt. For opened defective merch, you have 15 days, and for opened stuff you don't want, you pay a 15% restocking fee. Pay with cash and no receipt, tough luck. I think all Seasonal merch should only have a 15 day return policy too, and no returns if the product has "obviously" been used. Why restocking fees ever went away is beyond me.
It be fun! Red to sd!

Why do they DO this to me?!?
I've got no problem with our return policy, past or present. My problem is getting an LOD up to the service desk to BACK ME UP when I enforce said return policy!!!
Guests have NOTHING to lose by demanding to "talk to a manager". It's a game of chicken....who's gonna blink first or call bluff.
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