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Jun 2, 2012
Been with Target about a year now and just discovered Break Room. I work in a DC, so I understand all the DC acronyms and such, but having hard time understanding all the store nick names. Anyone care to enlighten me on "spot" and "tl" and other such terms?
Here's a trusty link that'll get you started on all the lingo we use here:

As for a specific answer:

Spot is just a nickname for Target that we use on the forums. Usually referring to the head honcho (corporate)

ETL is Executive Team Leader which I believe is equivalent to a Group Leader @ DCs. TL is a Team Leader who supervises those under their department. Not quite sure what they equate to for a DC, but the highest tier of a TL is basically one of the highest pay rates in stores, without going Salary.
Good answers Alex.
GTC for you.

Greetings and Salutations supertec.
Welcome to The Break Room! If you ever have any DC questions, Greenshirt is the one to ask.
Welcome to our forums, supertech 1158. Thanks for posting an intro. We recently had one of our backroom TMs transfer to a DC in another state. Quite a change I would suppose.
Welcome, glad you will be able to contribute to DC questions and learn from everyone else!
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