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Jun 8, 2011
Spot clinic is brand new for us in my state. My closest store is opening theirs, next week.
Here is link from spot:
Here is a guide for clinic:
Most Clinics will have 1-3 TM's, depending on how long the Clinic has been around and what kind of volume the Clinic sees. Additionally, there is always a Nurse Practitioner/PA at the site and sometimes 2 during busy seasons and at busier locations.
Clinic TM's usually work 20-30 hours per week, although some higher volume clinics do designate a Clinic Team Leader (40 hrs/wk) if the Clinic volume is high enough.

OPENING ROUTINES (should be completed in the 5 minutes prior to opening (ie 8:55-9:00 am)

- check out clinic keys from guest service (or wherever) keybox
- turn on clinic lights, remove stanchion/security band/gate
- log onto POS register, Athena, CVM - also may pull up LexisNexis, Workbench, etc if preferred.
- be sure to set a provider and turn the clinic kiosk status to "open" in CVM; check the kiosks to make sure they display the correct status
- unlock all cabinets that are used on a daily basis (don't unlock those with red dots, those have prescription pads in them and must remain locked at all times) and refigerator
- check the refrigerator temperature, record it in the log book, and reset the thermometer
- check Athena clinical inbox/workload dashboard for issues that need to be resolved with previous patients/claims
- check workbench messages
- put away any supplies that have been delivered (these will usually be there in early in the morning, partner with reverse logistics TM to make sure you are receiving all clinic packages in a timely manner - some are vaccines and need to stay refrigerated!)
- restock supplies that are low; make notes of any supplies that need to be ordered and either order them if you have TIPP access, or inform your ETL Clinic so they can order them
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