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Nov 14, 2011
Hi there. Starting at one of the many Targets in New Jersey tomorrow...showing up for training starting at 5:30 PM. I believe I'll be in softlines to start. Any words of wisdom from forum members would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Welcome! Don't be late for starters. Search our forums for those answers. You will be partner with a trainer & learning plan.
Thank you! I guess my biggest worry at this point is learning all the Target "jargon"--is there a reference somewhere? I went through 3 interviews last week and they were already throwing abbreviations at me and I had to ask what they meant, and felt kinda stupid.
Welcome to the board! Check out the Guides section for a better look at your position :)
Welcome to Spot and The Break Room. We all here know what we are talking about. We are all experts. :) Glad to have you aboard!
Thanks hardlines im excited i go to work in a few hours then tomorrow they got me workin from 3:30p to 12a. Thats gonna be fun:D
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