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Jun 20, 2013
Howdy folks. Just wanted to say hey and introduce myself. Been looking around here for a little while, and it seems like a great resource so I figured I'd make an account. I'll probably be posting some questions within the next week or so as I organize thoughts and priorities. Been working at Target since about the end of October, started as a cashier, did cash office after a while, and have since been lucky enough to get into HR for a bit over a month now. Such a wonderful change, I was closing to leaving beforehand.

One of those poor (/lazy) souls who didn't know how Target worked and applied for a TM position when I have a bachelor's...woops. Have had the "we want you as a team lead" carrot in my face since about November/December. Some days very happy with my job, other days feel taken advantage of/like I should be doing more. Probably standard feelings.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up. I've stuck with Target so far because, at my store at least, the people really are great and it's my first job ever where I can usually look forward to going to work, which makes the low pay sting a little bit less (made a good bit more before graduating than I do now). Unsure of my future plans with Spot at this point.

So, thanks for this cool place, and I'll be asking you guys some questions here soon. Until then.
Not open for further replies.