New to the forums :D

Feb 1, 2012
Hey everyone!

I began my target job in October 2011 and was hired permanent, despite starting with all the seasonals. I started off in softlines, and still normally end up there twice a week also. However recently was told I am the new "merchandising brand team member" for cosmetics, and have also just began getting trained instocks. I also work on setting salesplanners often too, and they told me they shall train me to do pulls and get me backroom certified :)

I am eager to learn new workstations and love all the new things They have had me doing. In all honestly i really dislike softlines, and hated working close, so am very happy they have me doing more daytime shifts lately, they go so much faster! I love that most days im doing something different, had fun yesterday constructing the signing for a star wars endcap..... fiddily but fun! :D I also work electronics, and guest service occasionally..... Im all over the ruddy place lol

I should have had my 90day review by now, but was told at our store they slack on them, and many people have been there 6months+ without having one lol!!

Anyway, hello everyone !!
Jun 17, 2011
Welcome,looks like you are covering a lot of ground already,it does make it a lot more fun when you get to move around,good luck.


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Jul 11, 2011
Welcome to the forum!

That's the best thing to do to be kept, keep learning more and more and the more hours you will see floating your way! :)