Archived Newly promoted Team Leader....HELP!

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Apr 16, 2012
So just a couple weeks ago I was signed off as a Team Leader. They gave me GSTL and Cafe Team Leader. I was formally a GSA so I totally know how the GSTL position works. The hard part is the cafe part. I'm taking on a ultra low volume cafe without a pizza hut or taco bell. There isn't much of a team there and not communication or routines at all. So does anyone have any pointers or advise with taking this on since at my store there isn't much trainer that goes on. I will also take anything for GSTL and the Leader part of my role. I was kind of thrown into this without anything at all so I'm a little overwhelmed and seeking help! Thanks!!!!!!
Should be a good guide already in place for GSTL (by Static, buliSBI, et al).
Our cafe has Pizza Hut but we dropped Taco Bell yrs ago during a prev remodel.
Maybe a good way to get the ball rolling is to observe your cafe in operation some time while reading up on cafe basics. At the very least, learn to cashier at cafe so you can get a taste (no pun intended) of what it's like on that side of the counter. You could garner much more accurate insight from your cafe team, too.
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