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no not really. they are pretty much useless....

just do your job well, and you're fine.

source: ex seasonal cart attendant
I received my learning plan two days ago and was hired on October 6th. My training consisted of running the register with a trainer for fifteen minutes and then being put on my own register, so a good chunk of what was in the learning plan wasn't covered during training. I was just told to check off everything. If you're concerned, you could ask someone about it, but I don't think it's a big deal.
I got mine at my yearly review (after working 7 months), probably only because I asked both STL and HR for it. :laugh3:
I wouldn't be concerned unless I was your TL. The only thing your learning plan does is gives Target proof that you were trained in your position, you cannot be placed on corrective action or terminated for work performance without it. Your HR department will make your TL get you to sign it when it becomes past due.
I had to push to get my learning plan completed. My trainer didn't have a clue how to train me, so I had to ask a TL to get me time to go to the break room and find all the reading materials myself. I then completed the learning plan on my own, picking up missing information from other team members. I'm not sure what would have happened if I hadn't finished it. All I was told when I turned it in was, "Oh, I'm so glad you kept up with this... you only had a few days left." Whatever that means. I've noticed that all new hires since haven't had this problem, though. ^_^ They've also been given a different trainer...:unknw:
Your learning plan is just Target's documentation that you acknowledge the duties of your position. And Target reserves the right to place you on corrective action or to terminate you for not completing those duties.
hm....I think I should get around to turning mine in before my 90-day review...probably should take the quizzes while I'm at it. Somehow, I fell right through the cracks.

Interestingly, I'm not on the list of people that needed to complete a training even though it includes people hired after me.
I would be. I got terminated this week for not completing
My learning plan, even though I was never scheduled time to work on it.

My advice, keep on top of it or it becomes ammunition to fire you.

And don't let your Team Leads or ETL's tell you it's not Important.
Curious????....A learning plan is a standard generated document created by Target. The only thing you have to do is review it and sign it. And your done. You never create one yourself.

HR and your ETL/TLs are responsible for having you sign one.
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Not long after I was hired, our HR posted signs telling TMs not to pick up shifts in workcenters for which they had not completed a learning plan. Yet I've been getting called in for hardlines lately, and I haven't had actual training yet. It took the TLs long enough to generate a learning plan for me, and they gave it to me to read in between guests at the register one night lol.
From a cashier perspective, I watch the schedule like a hawk, and make sure every TM who works a front-end shift has a learning plan on file. The key to this is coordination between GSTL/GSA, ETL-HR or HR-TL, and the team trainer. Partner with the person who makes the schedule, and make sure that any TM who isn't trained at cashiering is partnered with a team trainer. If that isn't a possibility, ensure that one of your strongest non-trainer TMs is working at least most of the shift with the un-trained TM.
If that isn't a possibility, ensure that one of your strongest non-trainer TMs is working at least most of the shift with the un-trained TM.

During seasonal hiring last year, our store was very lean on hours for non-seasonal cashiers, so the trainees rarely got to see the trainers let alone work with them. It seemed like every other shift I worked in early-to-mid November, I had to watch a trainee because there wasn't a cashier trainer scheduled.
Dont feel bad. For an entire year, i never had a learning plan for my old sales floor market team member position. I never had one because i was "keyed" under backroom day so officially i was never trained.

I got promoted to PA 3 weeks ago and I JUST started my new learning plan. HR is getting my a$$ about getting the learning plan when my etl only schedules me to close and doesnt schedule me with any training hours.

Yeah, That was an issue I had when I first got promo'd to PA. It's up to you to 'demonstrate courage' and tell your etl you need training hours.
I was trained by 2 different other team members than pulled off position to work elsewhere during holiday. I just got annual review & NOT written but verbally told I hot IE's b/c I don't know how do few things. I said I wasnt trained my TL said I was. Basically it's another members work against mine that I was trained. Funny 2 days b/4 my review all other ppl in my position where given best practive paperwork so I couldn't say do they know.
man they suck when it comes to training, there is almost ALWAYS never hours according to the TLs, when i was trained for backroom, i was given a PDA, told how to back stock, and boom, that was considered my training, i was lucky to have a backroom TM available in the stockroom to ask questions, the TLs were later surprised that i knew so much by the second day, so they trusted me to do more tasks. so if your ever being trained in something different, don't hesitate to bombard people with questions, or else you will mess up badly
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