No set schedules again?

So it seems the new schedule at least for my store is made by this new computer generation. I have minor changes but nothing big. Its actually more accurate to my desired hours. I hear etls ans sd can only make minor changes to the schedule but I havent heard what that entails. Its. Interesting.
Many of our long term TMs didn’t even realize their hours were cut.They don’t check their schedules as they always had a set schedule unless requested otherwise !
I work in P-Fresh (ex PA). I currently still have a set schedule with rotating weekends. I’m not sure how my schedule can change since ordering still has to be done on certain days and we receive trucks on specific days as well.
Pfresh might get more hours as they have only limited number of TMs to work . Our store has one per freezer, produce . Dairy/deli have 1-3 TMs