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Oct13-15 job opening

Discussion in 'I'm Lost!' started by AclockworkOrange, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Im going to go for an interview tomorrow morning, and I was wondering if Food service or backroom would be the best? Itll be my first job and im unsure of what to expect
  2. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Leader

    Depends, how old are you? You might be offered a cashier/front end position. A food ave position is also a strong possibility starting. Later on, you may be able to cross train into other food areas or backroom. Food Ave would be a great start to moving onto grocery since it is also a food area.

    However, don't think it's not possible to get hired directly into Backroom or the Grocery team as your first job, just do what you want, and if they want you, they'll offer you a position and wage and you just have to accept or decline. Goodluck!
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  3. HRLady

    HRLady Human Resources <3

    Yep, depending on state laws, minors might be limited to only cashier and sales floor. At my store, any position that involves heavy machinery is off-limits to them. Cafe/Starbucks also requires recommended 18+.
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  4. TTGOz

    TTGOz Team Leader

    Oh man, my Food Ave and Starbucks is basically all 16-17 year olds, they'd be out of business without them lmao.
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  5. HRLady

    HRLady Human Resources <3


    Yeah, it sucks. A lot of minors are interested in Starbucks and Cafe at my store. If they turn 18 within a month though, we offer to hire them as cashier or sales floor and then transfer them over.
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  6. HRZone

    HRZone ETL HR

    Food service is a better first job. Easier and you can always move areas if you get bored with it.

    Backroom is pretty stressful if you don't have job experience and learn to prioritize task.
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  7. Mankey

    Mankey Hardlines TM

    I haven't been around very long and I've really only done hardlines, but I think food service would definitely be easier for a first job. Backroom has a lot of stuff going on, and I'm pretty sure a lot of what I've learned in hardlines will probably also apply to backroom in addition to more stuff. That being said, if you think you'd find it easier to be in motion regularly, then backroom would definitely be the way to go.
  8. soyaxo

    soyaxo Well-Know Memer

    Because you won't be able to use the Crown, compactor, or even the WAVE, food service will be the most likely position. That is, of course, dependent upon your age.
  9. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Our Starbucks & Cafe have several minors without problem since both areas close a couple hours before the store does so they're out before the cut-off time.
    Our state doesn't have any laws forbidding the use of food service equipment by minors, tho, only equipment like the baler, compactor, etc.
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  10. HRLady

    HRLady Human Resources <3

    Yeah, my state has really strict laws regarding employment in general. When it comes to minors, it is even more strict. Some parts of the law say that minors can use certain types of equipment and then other parts of it are contradicting. I usually just leave it up to whoever is my current ETL-HR to decide how they want to do it. My past HR Leaders played it safe, I guess. It is a definite no for minors using backroom and cart attendant machinery though.
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  11. JohnSith373

    JohnSith373 Flexing Every Day

    Backroom is my first job out of high school and it's not that stressful if you can manage your time. You have to make sure to do task fast and efficiently while be (somewhat) safe. You need to gauge how long it should take you to finish the tasks in the time given. For the first month, you'll be stressed but you'll get a handle of it. If you're not 18, you will likely be assigned for cashier or food services since you need to be 18+ to use backroom equipment.
  12. Corrin

    Corrin GSTM, SCO, FoodAve

    At least at my store the Food Ave hours were not regular so they would change week by week depending on the hours the store had to hand out. It sucked because I could be working 30 hours one week and 15 the next because HR decided to only open the cafe for like 5 hours a day. If your store doesn't have regular Food Service hours I would go for Backroom. Probably better hours lol
  13. Him

    Him Team Trainer

    Food service since this is your first job. As others have said other areas are age restricted including Backroom.
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  14. EchoFoxtrot

    EchoFoxtrot Team Member

    backroom shouldnt be a thing you can apply for unless we absolutely need someone desperately....gotta keep shit orderly and newbies arent great for that...to be fair tho Ive known tms who were there for 5 years who tried backroom and gave up after seeing how much you need to be on your toes and think...
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  15. Fix It

    Fix It PMT

    Where ever you go or where ever you end up, just have a positive attitude, be as helpful to guests and TM’s as you can be, and always ask for help if you don’t know something. Good luck!
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  16. Anelmi

    Anelmi Team Trainer

    At my store, minors only get hired for cashier or CA.
  17. SFSFun

    SFSFun Ship from Store: Don't call it Ship To Store!!

    How did everyone's hiring event go? We hired a grand total of none...
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  18. soyaxo

    soyaxo Well-Know Memer

    We got four catches! Pretty low turn out this year...
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  19. Yetive

    Yetive Servant of 2 Masters

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  20. Nogare

    Nogare Guest

    I got hired last week and I am just wondering, how long they would call me for orientation?