Only at a ULV store…

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  1. My fellow ULV TMs, what kind of stuff do you see that could only happen at a ULV store?
    Only at a ULV store…
    -Can a store have one cart attendant…not one per day; just one period
    -most days "cart attendant" just means whichever male cashier or hardlines TM they could make do it that day
    -STL pushes carts sometimes
    -you don't really know what anyone's primary work center is because we are so understaffed, everyone is glboal.
    -you sometimes are forced to float in three different work centers at once
    -It doesn't take much to send us into all hands, with every TM, process team, TL, ETL, and even the STL on a lane with the cart attendant becoming a second GSA
    -It's a toss up as to whether AP will be present on a given day
    -in a pinch, electronics will literally give any team member the keys and boom, you're an electronics TM now with no training.
    -there is no training because unless you're a cashier, you're probably the only person in that work center for your shift.
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  2. I am in an ULV store. All this happens at my store as well. Except the stl pushing carts. I have seen all the other etls do it not the stl
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    @abstractpremed96 you literally described my old store!!
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    @tgtguy only one STL I've ever worked for did that and he happened to have been the best STL I've ever worked for!!
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  5. HRZone

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    Best practice is for ETLs to get carts when no cart attendant is on duty. They usually talk someone into doing it but you dont have to.
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    Yesterday, cart attendant only scheduled 3-8, STL was out getting them..though I, being a former cart attendant, still figured she'd pull me out of the backroom to help with that..
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    Those don't only apply to ULV stores. My store is a B volume, but we are also chronically understaffed. TMs working 32+ hours is the norm, and many workcenters only have 1-2 TMs total.

    CTL needs to cover receiving today? I guess there's no one in pfresh today because the only PA is off and at 40 hours.

    The lone instocks TM called off? Hey backroom, can you do the rigs today?

    Price change is 6000 tickets today and the lone TM needs help? Send over the entire pog team and they'll have to catch up with their stuff later.

    Opening backroom TM called off on a non-truck day? Hey SFS, can you cover backroom since there's nobody else over there today?
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    I covered shifts in a ULV store a few times and was amazed how few people were working on nights. They only had one back room TM after about 5 o'clock and they were usually unreachable because they turned off their walkie or something. One night I had to climb up on a ladder and carry a 50" TV down by myself because the wave wasn't working, the back room TM couldn't be found, and the LOD was pregnant, so I wasn't gonna stand there and watch her struggle. On top of that there was maybe one TM each in HL, SL, and electronics. One night it got insanely busy for some reason and every TM including LOD was on register, but there was still a line backed up into soft lines. obviously higher volume has its own challenges, but damn ULV was no joke either.
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  9. I saw my old stl at food avenue covering a break while acting as a gsa at the same time !
    She would also get carts , push in soft line and set pogs correctly ...

    Our new one barely gets out of her office ....
  10. I helped push carts when I was an STL- is it weird I enjoyed it?
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    ULVs get AP????
  12. Kartman

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    Pushing carts RAWKS!
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    You don't have snow :rolleyes:.
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    At my last store, the Cart Attendant was only scheduled 12-6 Saturday and Sunday during peak sales
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    Welcome to 1 st quarter this happens at all stores even aaa volume stores. Target is so understaffed last night 1 hard lines 2 soft lines 1 PA no cart attendant and 3 cashiers and we still did 156 k in sales. Lod and the TL got carts
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    I would love six figures to push carts, LOL
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    Sign me the fuck up.
  18. This was my old store.

    Closing team consisted of 5 TM's and the LOD.
    Two cashiers, guest service and a GSTL.
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  19. My store exactly but we aren't ULV.
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  20. Everytime I see a Cart Attendant pushing Carts through the snow (Which must be almost on par to pushing them on a Sandy Beach) I feel like an asshole.