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Aug 16, 2011
I have never had much trouble at Target or wanted to report anyone until now........For the course of several weeks my TL in SL has been making my life a nightmare. She makes snide remarks and she isn't a nice person in general ( others have said it) but her snide remarks towards me have gone to far. The other TL in SL are very,very friendly but for some reason this TL and I clash and it's pretty obvious and I love working and SL so what do I do? I know Target has a open door policy where you can go to the HR and say whatever you feel but I do not want it to come back and haunt me because obviously she knows our clashing so she would know i'd be the one reporting her so could I said please I am having trouble working with Jane Doe can I no longer work on nights or days she is working on? It's come to the point where I do not even like coming to work when Jane Doe works and I look at the schedule to see if Jane Doe is working and get happy when Jane Doe is off. What do I do? Please help me.... I have worked here 2 years and have never had to report anyone......
I would suggest you walk up to Jane Doe and say the following

"Jane, I wanted to talk to you about the tension between us. I know snide remarks have been made between us, but I think both of us should work on being more thoughtful about what we say"

and go from there.

If Jane refuses to change, then go to an ETL. That way it looks like you made a legit attempt to correct the problem (FYI - actually make the attempt. Don't BS with Jane, otherwise it is bad for you) and Jane was the one who refused to change.

More than likely Jane will realize you are about to make an issue of the matter and (if she is smart) will knock it off. Problem solved. Plus you don't have bitterness with your TL that you "told on her". That will prevent her from wanting to get back at you in other ways. (like low review scores, nailing you on talking instead of working instead of letting it slide, etc.)

Also, some ETLs are vindictive themselves. In their mind, anyone who complains about an ETL/TL is a trouble maker and gets "marked" to get pushed out the door. Not saying your ETLs are like this, but many of them are. This saves you the risk of that as well.
Thanks. I will talk to her first and if it doesn't resolve itself I will go to further and I will document everything as well. The thing is " Jane" is friends with alot of the ETLS so I guess in some retrospective like you said I could come of as as troublemaker so I best go to Jane first.
I had a similar situation where I didn't want to come to work unless my ETL was there. I had a meeting with my ETL and things changed.

If I were you, I would talk to my ETL and tell him/her exactly how you feel. Talking to "Jane" probably won't solve anything if you are already clashing.
The very next time "Jane" says something, ask her what you've done to justify the remarks/treatment.
If she is snide or rude in her answer, be sure to relay the response when you talk to your ETL.
You attempted to ask an honest question & XXX was the response.
It looks better than going to the ETL without first making an attempt & her flip response may come back to haunt her.
Definitely talk to her before you go to anyone else. Also, document everything!
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