Opinion: worst TL position to have empty ?

Sep 27, 2018
So…another 2 week notice was given. we now have 4 open TL positions and 3 other TL on vacation - out of 9 !

in your opinion - WHICH is the WORST TL spot to NOT have filled ?

I personally think it is CLOSER - cause I hate filling that spot.

Does anyone think Fulfillment, Inbound, F&B, Presentation or SETL ?
Why did you choose the one you did ?


ETL-Remodel & GM-ETL
Sep 6, 2014
What’s the volume of the store?

Closing TL isn’t that critical. It’s just personally annoying for everyone when they’re out because people have to fill in but it’s no where near as impactful as Inbound or Fulfillment.

i would also say if you have multiple leaders in a department you’re okay but if several of them are out it’ll get scary. Multiple Style leaders or GM out I’ll be sad 😢.

Inbound and Fulfillment is my answer though. Closing is not on the list for me. We just turn our ETL mids to closing.