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Oct 9, 2011
Hey everyone!

Well, it's finally happening. My store is transitioning into the dreaded 4AM process, but that's not my real dilemma. My dilemma is that as the overnight backroom team lead, they're going to give me more responsibility. Seeing as the dayside backroom leader quit last quarter, they're just going to give me the entire backroom and in-stocks, of course (Instead of hiring another lead). Well I should've seen this coming, the way that Target has been cutting and condensing. So I was just wondering if anybody had any experience through this type of transition, and any advice on what I should do.

Should I ask for a raise? (hahahaha...)
Should I transfer back to my old store, which is still overnight?
Or should I just accept my new responsibility? hopefully Target knows what they're getting into and prepares adequately?

P.S. I hate coming in at 4AM!!! haha
Sorry I sound somewhat negative, I know it's not a good look on a team leader. I figure if anyone can relate though it's the people on this site haha. I just despise the 4AM process, from the workload, the people getting in each others way, the equipment shortages, and the time I have to sleep in order to go to work! Not to mention I will be in charge of 3-4 times the staff I have currently over the course of the entire day!

P.P.S. Some background info: My store is a Volume B that made sales, but still going 4AM.
Always wear red & k. At my store, it took about a year to over the big change do 4am. Start working with flow teams to help them with guests after 8am. Know the workcenters that you are handling well. Partner with etl's & tl's with communicate to all teams on training & getting help. Your biggest grief will be having green scores. Work hard, know & support your teams, earn teams' respect & lead by example.
the guest assistance part was a big change for logistics. you will have to be more in tune with the overall store needs and having to help other teams out. good part is, your team has a chance to pitch in with other processes and get more hours during the slow season. all our stores in the district went to 4am, all our ulv went to 6am (poor guys). good luck!
B Volume stores should be 4AM... Its not too difficult of a workload, the transition is tough but its totally manageable once you make it through it! In all honesty, it may seem like they are "cutting" the positions and piling it on you, but in all reality, for the sales you were doing they probably would be considered "overstaffed" and you weren't over a large enough area (which now you will be)...
Equipment control is an issue, some mornings its tough for Instocks/Pricing/Salesfloor to find PDAs and walkies, though you may not have that problem if you're a larger store and have been allocated more equipment.
Our backroom TL usually comes in at 6am. She will work with the instocks teams for a couple of hours and then to the backroom. I come in earlier with the flow team. Its a rough transition to be honest. Equipment and vehicles are both huge problems. Vendors coming in when you are trying to unload a double is a nightmare. You have to maintain a sense of humor. Never let the team see how stressed you are, they take their cues from you. If you say we never have enough equipment, then they will repeat it and add to it. During 3 quarters of the year, its manageable. 4th quarter is a nightmare plain and simple. In a perfect world we would be able to go overnight from Nov week 2 through New Years. Don't underestimate the importance of getting the team ready for the guests and being there when the store is open. You and the Presentation TL should be in constant communication about what they will need and when they will need it.Partner with your ETL and order new tshirts for the flow team to show your appreciation for them being flexible. Also get a supply of dogs to pass out for service contests for the team! This will be a real change for the team, no music, red and khaki (keeping those clean with the flow process deserves a medal of its own!!)Working around guests. Make it as fun as you can.Recognize, recognize, recognize. Don't forget about the receiving Team members. Early am flow can make their life miserable. Check in with them and see what you can do to help them out. Did I mention recognize???!!!
I want to thank all of you for all the helpful hints and encouragement! I will try my best to go into this process with a positive attitude! :excited:

Although on top of the entire backroom and instocks, they already told me I might be getting P-FRESH AS WELL!!! :wacko:

I heard a rumor...from an ex-STL...that in the near future, most targets will only have one STL, one LOG, and a handful of TL's...anyone else hear that rumor?
i think we've all seen the writing on the wall... i just wonder what insane tl head count they'll keep and where before the downhill slope is too much for gs.
Even though my store is a ULV store and a 6am store at that- we had to combine our instocks tl with backroom tl a couple years back. It wouldn't surprise me to see more positions combined... I'm the new owner of Pricing/Plano TL...
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