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Jun 9, 2011
Okay well, I went ahead and told my HR that I was interested in applying to be an ETl, she was helpful, told me I could apply online and also, that she would partner with my STL and see what they could do. This was two days ago, Yesterday, 7 of my 8 applications that were under review came up denied. Im sure its a coincidence, but I just have a gut feeling that my STL doesnt care for me, or doenst want to see me in a leadership position, because I dont fit the exact "perfect" image of a target exec. I did try to go to a recruiter once and apply and when they found out I already worked at target, all I got was :go speak to your STL. I dont know what to do exactly, I am stuck, and honestly, its depressing. I am looking for other opportunities outside the store, but no one else seems to hire people straight out of college with minimal experience. I am just sick of barely making it, and I even had to pick up another crappy minimum wage job just to kind of make ends meet. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place. Anyway, I didnt mean to vent so much, so thanks if you read all of that.
You will be ok. I would suggest following up on the lucky number 8. Did you talk to your etl-log & let her know the latest. You have to talk to your dtl.
Hang in there!
It is very rare that a TM will go ETL now. Corp wants to train new recruits.
In my last years with the company, I saw a lot of the veteran ETLs leave, and fresh new ETLs being placed with very little experience.

If you are a top performer at your store, talk to your STL, area ETL, and possibly your DTL. And try to get into the intern program.
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