partial 2 day ad leaked

I am surprised the rest of the ad is not up yet. If I were a conspiracy nut I would think maybe it is a ploy to get the other stores to "leak" their ad to see what they are up against and then change prices/doorbuster/whatever. We know spot has no problems changing the plan considering they dropped the midnight opening out of nowhere and now not letting schedules be released.

I may be reaching but I dont think its a coincidence the best buy ad was "leaked" today... 42in sharp lcd tv for $199.99... Our best deals are a 40in lcd from element (you couldnt get me to buy one of these for $100 let alone $265) and the 46in westinghouse for $298. If target wants some of that 12am action they are gonna have to do better.
The whole thing must have just leaked. The things I'm interested in, video games and movies, nothing really too impressive. I don't want to be coy here, but I'm not going to link to it. You should be able to find it.


The "Go-To" Guy
that list is somewhat off. there will definately be a 37" Vizio LED (originally a 32" Sony Google TV) and a 32" vizio. Got the whole 2day encap set today.

EDIT: Nevermind. Thats right, the TV's i mentioned are on the 4day.