Personalization Station?


Hardlines TM
May 29, 2017
Has anybody heard of these for the holiday season? It looks like it’s a station near the front entrance of the store where guests can go to get things customized? Our’s said ‘Wondership Customization’ or something like that??? It was literally JUST being set up but there’s like a giant touchscreen and you can order things and it’s like this huge square counter with a register inside and some customization machines and things??

Anyone have official news on this?
Will try and get a picture tomorrow
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Jul 14, 2016
Just found out about this today from my husband who saw it at the store near his work so I don't have any specifics and since my store is low volume we won't be getting it. My guess is if it's signed as Wondershop Customization it will be for creating personalized ornaments and other brick-a-brac. We do have a section in Seasonal that has personalized name ornaments this year so perhaps Spot wanted to be sure to offer an inclusive way for people with uncommon names to also have something special.