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Jun 7, 2011
im working on recognition for my team, who kicks ass. seriously. they rock like no other team in the building. anyways...

i took them out yesterday to a sushi bar, which was loads of fun.

i had talked to them about recognition before and they said they would like special shirts. i know we cant order from supergraphics anymore, but i think i can find a local place that does them. they want a cool slogan/bullseye kind of thing printed on their shirts. i know supergraphics carried "go with the flow" and tons of others. can yall think of anything pog related?
I can't think of anything right off the top of my head but I would like to say that you rock. Very cool of you. Many many virtual GTC's sent your way. I'll see if I can't think of something.
How 'bout some gears with the words "POG COG - working together for stellar results" across the front?
-I lift shelves up and Put them down. (a play on planet fitness commercials)
-My other work center is your mom.
-All hail the fixture room!
-Co-Executive Target POG Team
-Plano Team… Cashiering since 1984.
-My other fixture room is the floor
-Plano Team est. 0600-0230.

Hopefully some of these lame ideas can maybe get you closer to a more serious brand worthy slogan. Lol.
these cracked me up!!! great ideas guys!

i dont know about other pog teams, but the "your mom" is a basic response to anything you say on my team... even when they're kinda nasty...

"what'd you do with the screwdriver>?" (while attaching mmb displays)...
"what's taking you so long>?" (over the walkie while they were getting dvd fixtures we were waiting on)

it's never ending. it still cracks me up though.
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