Archived Problems with sort function at guest service?

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Aug 20, 2011
Did anyone else's service desk have issues with the smart sort function not working right today? Ours kept giving us an error message and wouldn't sort to the carts or print up any white labels. We couldn't process any defectives all day due to this. Just wondering if it was just our store?
White labels didn't print today, so we couldn't defect anything tonight. Hopefully it's fixed tomorrow so the opening SDTM can do it all.
people actually use smart sort?

We started re-using it at our store a couple months ago, because according to the GSTL, if we don't use it, corporate doesn't actually know if things are being sorted. I think the fact that there's not garbage strewn across everything and garbage fires flaring up everywhere is kind of a sign that we're doing things right.

There are sometimes when it's good (IE separate market from seasonal candy) but a lot of times when it horribly fails (IE the waste of receipt tape when you close it and immediately throw the tape in the garbage)
There are people that don't use it? If we don't use it at my store, things end up in the most random carts and it really pisses off people pushing reshop.
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