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Jun 16, 2011
Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help me out in regards to a coaching a friend recently had. She was coached for spending too much time at our fitting room talking to a team member and was coached the next day by the ETL about it. However at the time the person that was talking at the FR was off of the clock. She was telling me about it and I wasn't sure if that was right that she could be coached for something she did off the clock. She was also told to leave by the TL of the area because the TL felt that she was spending too much time distracting the team member. Can anyone tell me if this was right of the ETL to coach a TM about something that occurred off the clock?

She was Distracting the other team member from fulfiling their core roles. Which is grounds for Corrective action.
Have the friend speak with the ETL about the situation. If you don't feel as if the situation has been addressed properly, speak with your ETL-HR.
Basically if she was keeping the other person from doing her job she should be warned off.
Was it a one time thing or does she make a habit out of it?
Once I'd say the coaching was a bit excessive, a habit and she had it coming.
Not sure, if you can be coached for something off the clock, but i would have coached the Team Member at the fitting room that was on the clock for not meeting service and or task expectations.
This has happened at my store before for very similar situation, just different are of the store.

My question: If you are an employee of said store and you are preventing fellow employees from performing their job; then why wouldn't you be held accountable?
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