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Jun 10, 2011
Hey guys, the gsa position is open in my store, but I'm not sure Id get a raise if I got the position. I'm currently a human resources team member. If not its not worth the stress. Can anyone tell me how this would work?
I think hrtm and gsa are the same paygrade. Do NOT go for gsa from HR, you'll regret it. Its a lateral move that's really hard to promote out of if that's your goal. Not to mention its a hell of a lot of responsibility for what you're compensated.

If you want to get your feet wet somewhere else in the store and get noticed for a promotion try landing a brand TM spot. Whether it be sl, cosmetics, electronics, or whatever.
HR is actually the best job to have at Target if you plan to leave retail one day. Mostly because it is one of the only jobs you can get at a Target store that actually gives you experience in a field outside of retail.... Every company has an HR department.... The experience looks great.

In my years at Target it always seemed like the people who most often got out of retail and got a great job were either ETL-HRs, HR TMs, or HR specialists. (yes, my store actually had HR specialists for years instead of HR TLs like many other stores) Once the company got rid of specialists company wide, our HR specialist quit and was never replaced. Not with an HR TM or HR TL. All we had for HR was an ETL-HR after that.
SOT, from what i read in other threads you must really like etl hrs lol. Anyways to HR TM who wants to be a gsa, i wouldnt do it i think gsa is pg7 and hr tm is pg9??? But hr is definitely best position to have.
Talk to your ETL-HR. Tell them you're interested in doing some new things and learning the GSA role, but you'd also like to continue as an HRTM. You have email access and can be keyed as a supervisor on the register so it's a win/win. You can still help out with HR things, but also fill in as a GSA as needed.
^Careful with this.
One of our HRTMs did this & they ended up pulling her more & more to "fill in the gaps" until she had only one HR shift a week.
Yeah I understand, that's why I'm not going to apply. I am happy where I am.

Since they're both PG7 positions, it should be a no-brainer.If you want to do more and you're bored with HR, do what I suggested. We have a large HR staff, and HRTMs rotate between hardlines, photo, instocks, cash office, and photo. It provides you with the ability to literally become global and thus more valuable in the long term if HR hours start to disappear.
We have only 1 hrtm. Stay put & keep it for the resumes. On training side, it doesn't hurt to know how to do those jobs. It helps answer any tm's questions about their core roles.
You could move to GSA and they might give you a pay raise even though it's the same pay grade. They don't have to, though, but the logic is that they would have to give the pay raise to someone else when they get the GSA position. Why not give it to someone that is deserving?

But yeah, I'd stay in HR unless you really wanted out.
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