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Nov 17, 2011
So sometime before our previous ETL-LOG left, she for some reason didn't let us send back older generations of iPods (the long skinny Nanos, and the classic iPods with the click wheel) during the scan, and they're STILL sitting on our shelf, because of course no one wants to buy them. They'll never go clearance since we're not even supposed to have them, so what the hell do we do with them? I'm not sure exactly how the scan works, so I dunno what we even can do.
ipods do not go back on the scan,only music and movies,you can esupport a request to have those particular items given a markdown,or they might issue an MIR for them.
For some reason, I still have guest asking if we still have those nanos? Send them to our store and we'll sell them for you.
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