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Question regarding STU's

May 2, 2012
Are they written consecutively for each performance issue (i.e. STU1 on Bob for not finishing tasks, STU2 on Bob for not maintaining metrics)

Or is it STU1 on bob for not finishing task and a new STU1 for the metrics?

Not sure if the way I'm stating this makes much sense, but oh well.
Mar 30, 2012
Oh of course duh. If i am coaching a team member on performance i do each performance issue seperately if it isnt fixed i try to move to corrective action.
Aug 30, 2011
Each store is different. Seek to understands ar ement for you to investigate why the team member isn't meeting expectations, a coaching is meant for you to address the performance issue by setting the new expectations, offering ways to meet those expectations and then give the consequences of not making expectations. I, have in the past documented all performance issues on one STU and Coaching form(s). Seemed to be okay as the STL and HR never said anything. As long as your not going to combine a conduct and a performance on the same form (since each category is handled differently) i don't see there being an issue to using one form.