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Aug 17, 2011
I really, really need some comp shop guidance. I have a couple of questions but before I post them, is this the right spot or is there a better place to put them?


You can post under "I'm lost" or here.
In the meantime, fire away.
Okay, thanks. I've been doing comp shop awhile and after a bit of a slow start I got it under control. Recently the percentage was changed from 80% to 87% and since then I've been red. Last week I got 91% of the items done but scored 71%. No one seems to be able to tell me what the problem is and I want to fix it but that's difficult without knowing what I'm doing wrong.

Do any of you have thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

It could be that items listed as "not found" could be overlooked but, if it's a store you know pretty well, that's not very likely. Still, make sure that those items are struck on the last day before you submit your final shop for the week.
Sometimes it could be that new items have been added & you have yet to locate them or something has been dropped & it takes several weeks for corp to stop adding it to the list.
In one instance I couldn't find a toy despite going through the dept piece by piece. I later found it in infants.
Also check with your PATL to see if they can find any additional info.
Rock, any addt'l info?
I have the report from last week. It shows Comp Shop % to be 71.23 and shop completed with price is 90.66%. Items expected is 728, with price is 660, not carried is 8, shop completed is 91.76%, price entered is 649 and price not changed is 11. None of those numbers seems out of line to me so I can't figure out what the cat hair is going on. 8 out of close to 670 items being not carried isn't bad so I'm really puzzled. One person did tell me yesterday that I might be getting too many items done and to aim for 88% and no higher. Meh.

You said, "Still, make sure that those items are struck on the last day before you submit your final shop for the week." And why is that? Not sure I understand the reasoning there.

Oh, the other question is this: how on earth do others get all the comp shop done in 4 to 6 hours? I've been told that "everyone" manages to do it but it took me a long time to get to the point of being able to.
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One person did tell me yesterday that I might be getting too many items done and to aim for 88% and no higher. Meh.

I remember my PATL telling me he had to coach our comp shop person because she kept finding to many items and it was driving the score down so that might be where the problem is at. Try finding less items and see if the score goes up and if it does then you know where the problem is at.
Thanks, Signguy. I think that must be the problem. I simply can't see any other reason. Our PATL is new to the position so asking him might not help but I'll do that. I appreciate the responses and if anyone else has some insight, bring it on! :)

I always waited until the last day of that week's shop to put down items as "not found" simply because, if I marked them earlier & found them during a later shop, I couldn't go back to change it. That's all.
As to time, you'll get faster as you become more familiar with your comp store's layout.
redeye58, fortunately time isn't much of an issue for me now as I generally manage to do it in the allotted time though I honestly don't know how! But I'm going to have to train someone else in CS and she's already freaking out over the time issue. She's been told she'll have "a couple of weeks" to get used to doing it but that certainly doesn't help much. I've told her she'll improve with time but again it took me quite awhile to get to that point. I don't understand how others manage to do it so quickly, even when they're new to CS.
I think the freaked out feeling goes with the territory 'cause I felt the same way during my first several weeks but, as you've noted, you get faster with experience.
Even if your trainee misses items at first, it's not the end of the world. Hopefully she'll settle in as well as you have.
The system doesn't want you to find all the items. According to my STL, this is a built in safe guard to ensure you aren't actually just faking out the prices.

I promise you that if you find less items your score will rise. It doesn't seem right but it really is. If you have 800 items in your shop, you need to actually find about 640 to 690 of those items.

This is assuming everything else is fine, which sounds like the case. Let us know how this works out for you.
Boy this issue is outside of my wheelhouse... Alot of my information usually comes from trustworthy sources, but my comp shop training was at a store where alot of the practices were questionable! I would say we "not carried" alot more than you did though...
PATL here.... at our store we aim for 73-75% of the shop to be completed. Been high 90's since I started. Few tips I might pass along, Pretend that "item not carried" button doesn't exist, also, if there is no change in price for an item you find, type in the same price. Don't use the button "No change" (or whatever it is). Hope this helps! I am gonna talk to my comp shopper tomorrow to find out more details, i actually havent done it myself in a VERY long time.
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