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Apr 23, 2012
Hey everyone, I was just hired as an ETL in training. I received the email from my training supervisor telling me where to go and all that stuff. My district has had trouble finding a place to put me for my permanent position (after training is over). The email listed an STL that I am familiar with as my Training Support Sponsor, does this mean that I am going to be permanently placed in that STL's store? I have placed calls to HR to find out what the deal is, but they are not quick to get back to me. Thanks for the help guys :)
Thank you for the link, but I was asking about the store itself and not the locations within the store. I was just wondering since that STL was mentioned in the email as the District Training Sponsor if he was going to be my permanent STL after training is finished. I just would like to know what store I am going to be at permanently but no one in HR is returning my calls :(. Thank you for the quick response though, I appreciate it!
I can't necessarily say which store you'll be placed in. The store whose STL is the District Training Sponsor is probably where new ETLs train in your district. If I remember correctly, you don't train in the same store where you will be working, but I could be wrong.
Your training sponsor is just that: for training. Such a store is designated because they have a strong team. There might be a rare instance where you could wind up staying in your training store - ie: a spot opens up unexpectedly & there isn't a bench-warmer ready (very rare).
Each district has a sponsor for NIR (New In Role) ETLs that help facilitate the training for those in their districts business college. It is probable coincidental that you are training in their store. They will contact you during your training to make sure you are getting what you need. They will also be involved with your Feedback Fridays, recieving an email of the form from your trainer with feedback and whether you are meeting or not meeting expectations. Most times there is a rough plan for where you are going but sometimes certain things (promotion/termination/attrition) have to happen before your home store if official. I have trained a couple NIR ETLs in my store over the years. Make sure you ask alot of questions during your training since business college has been reduced over the years and good luck.
Thank you very much everyone for your answers. I'm just going to take it a day at a time and try to learn as much as possible during training and then go from there.
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