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Nov 10, 2011
My store has a reindeer run soon but I have no idea how to prep electronics for it. My TL hasnt been much on passing info to me lately but I want it to look good. Can anyone tell me what they are looking for or how to get ready for it?
Please forgive my stupidity but what is reindeer run?!

When the district/corporate bigwigs come to visit your store to see how prepared you are for the 4th quarter (holiday season). Usually the STL and ETLs will be running around making sure everything is dusted and stocked and properly signed. The visitors will often go to several local stores and there is often communication between stores about how they checked for this or that and of course the visitors come in looking for different things in different stores. That's because they know that once they leave one store to go to another, there's phone calls between stores going on.
I know a fellow cashier was asked to come in at 4am today so she can clean all the registers... can't say I envy her. :p
I think there should be a Holiday Prep/Reindeer Run checklist floating around the ETL/TL offices.
Make sure that ALL of your displays are working and everything is signed properly.
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