Logistics RFID Scan % After Annual Inventory?

Sep 20, 2022
Is it typical following an annual inventory for RFID Scan % to drop? We haven't been able to get any of our departments over 95% since inventory for the past two weeks.

If that's the case, how long before it evens out?
Weeks usually. Use the RFID exception report to figure out the trouble areas. It's usually style. Coukd be there are tags hidden somewhere artificially inflating the RFID count as compared to a smaller amount if items physically counted. Or could be loads if items with no RFID tags. Either way, look for the highest discrepancies and audit them, should help.
When I dug into my reject report post inventory in home there were some comically wrong on hands. Like a dozen different curtains with an OH in the 20s but really only a handful in the store. You can't underestimate how little the third party inventory people care. If you don't work the reject report it will take weeks for the system to correct on hands that are overstated to that level. In the mean time you're also picking up all of those undercounted items during inventory which also impacts your RFID score.
Yeah inventory team really screws up OHs for a while every time. I bet your extras went up by exactly the same amount as your counted went down.

Say you have 5 red Medium shirts and 5 red Small shirts. Inventory team counts it as 10 Small shirts. Now RFID counts 5 small and 5 Medium. But you're 5 short on the small, and 5 extra on the Medium. Your score is 50% because all it knows is you didn't scan what was expected. Next week it will expect 10 Small and 5 Medium (assuming you don't get more and havent sold any). Again you count 5 Small and 5 Medium. Your score is 67%.
You have to manually adjust the OHs down for the small shirts before your score will recover.