1. Sushi2Go

    Does inventory change the counts?

    So when counters scan the salesfloor and backroom, does it also update the counts in the system on the floor, onhand, etc?
  2. Shippoaven

    Logistics ince

    HI fellow targetians, back again for help regarding inventory. The 3rd party team that scans and count everything will be in my freezer back room soon. Is it possible for them to scan the Waco backroom location and recieve the item counts for all items in a particular waco?example: 3 popsicles...
  3. reverselogistics


    On the day of inventory does Receiving accept Ups, FedEx and any other vendors.
  4. A


    So.... this evening there will be a team of about 30 people coming in to the store for inventory. We have been prepping all week for it. As E2E, I know my area is pretty darn good. Anything I should be aware of though? I have heard some horror stories about how they pester TM's and make insane...
  5. H

    inventory shift

    hello all, I’ve started working at Target about 5 months ago as a softlines team member. Today team leader told me I would be getting scheduled for inventory in a couple weeks from 10-6:30PM. Can someone please explain the specific tasks/duties and what to expect during a softlines inventory...
  6. S

    Fiscal calendar dates

    :confused: would someone please tell me where I can find the fiscal year monthly start & end dates???
  7. redcardroy

    The true impact of shrink

    I was explained this by someone who specializes in retail loss prevention. I think it's a good way to show AP and non-AP tm's how important it is to work together to reduce shrink. TLDR: For every dollar of shrink, it takes about $34 of revenue (sales) to make up for the loss on Target's books...
  8. BackroomAlpha


    Precount/asst item sheets.... what is it and how do i get there? Are we taking an entire precount of the backroom here? Im not exactly certain what that means. Thanks
  9. B

    Inventory Prep

    As a TL I ran the sales floor inventory prep last year,and I had no idea what I was doing.Fast forward a year later we are reading for another bout of inventory and our store has all new ETLs.I took it upon myself(as I'm trying to promote) decided to own the entire inventory process;thus...
  10. W

    Sales Floor 'QMOS'ing Per Pound

    My Background I've been working at Target since late November 2016 in my store's "consumables" department (we're one of those Targets with PFresh and grocery, but not at Super Target standards) I've become pretty confident in my abilities as a TM, but I'm always willing to ask questions if I...
  11. E

    What to Expect with Inventory

    Hi, I just looked at my schedule for next week (3/26-4/1) and I have an inventory shift (7pm-11pm), so what should I be expecting? Thanks!
  12. Flow Warrior

    ETL Bonuses

    Ok, there is a wierd rumor floating about our store that the reason why are hours are cut has to do with ETL bonuses (and the fact that our inventory was horrid this year. BRTL quit right after new years.) So if anyone can explain how bonuses work; ie how they are structured, who gets them and...
  13. F


    Dun dun dun.... Can someone give me the breakdown on how inventory is compiled? Such as, once Regis comes in and does their scans, how are the final numbers tallied?