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Sep 14, 2011
Hey guys, I'm a former Team Member, and I'm looking to return. The open I want is available for a rotating schedule. Does anyone have an idea what that is. And if you do know, is it worth my time? lol
I'm not an HR expert, but I think a rotating schedule is where you work either random or mostly fixed weekdays, and every other weekend, alternating opening and closing, depending on your hourly availability. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, which is likely.
Rotating = business needs. Some open, some close, some mid, some weekday, some weekend.
At my store, that would mean you have a rotation for your weekends like Formina Sage said. Dunno if that's technically right though.
At my store, it would most likely be a 2-week rotation between an "A" or "B" week.
"Rotating Schedule" generally means, being on a rotation, but that rotation could be pretty much anything. Open, Closing, and most likely every other weekend. Depends on the position and business needs.
A rotating schedule for our store would be possibly a four week schedule - such as a weekend opening, the next weekend off, the next weekend closing, the next weekend off. The weekday shifts may stay the same.

But it could be different. During the interview-if the exact schedules matter to you, make it clear that you would like an explanation of the expectations. Don't let them give you vague examples. It saves a whole bunch of regret.

Many teams have pretty much predictable schedules - that could be the meaning. Personally I don't usually post an opening with that description, since there is such a wide discrepancy of possibilities. I usually use the Days/Nights/Weekends.

I hope this answered the question.
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