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Lady Fitting Room

Free from Target :D
Jun 23, 2011
Hello, everyone! I'm so happy to have found you guys! :) I was AWOL for a while due to a school overload, and when I tried to come back one day, TBR was gone! :( I found this site yesterday and felt like jumping for joy: looks like almost all of the 'old faces' are here. :) Massive thanks to Sage for creating this site for us!

For those of you who don't know me, I go by Lady, and although the name says 'Fitting Room', Guest Attendant and Food Ave are my primary (and preferred) areas. Hello to old faces and new faces alike; it's good to be back! :)
Thanks, guys. Nice to see you again, hardlinesmaster, and nice to meet you, commiecorvus. :)

It looks like almost all of the regulars from the old forum are here. I scanned the member list and saw that a few are still MIA, unless they're under new names.
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Glad to see you as well, Red and Bullseye! Red, come be my GSTL, pretty please? We need good people at my store very badly right now!

Anyone heard anything from some of the other former mods/admins like ash, ct, or face? From reading the other posts, I know Scram still seems to be unreachable.
Haven't seen or heard from any of the former admin staff.
I wonder what happened. When the old site went down, my first thought was that HQ was somehow responsible; maybe they engineered a computer virus to crash it or something (techies forgive me if that's not possible; I'm far from a computer whiz). It's probably a much simpler and less interesting explanation, though. Still, I do wonder why Scram and the other admins haven't been in touch; it seems like they should have found us by now.
Ash, rock, srlogtl were mods & found us. Just look in the member list & you will see the names.
Slave is back too.
Wait 'til we get a game of "Fantasy Target" going....:D
We gotta wait for a few more essential players, tho.
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