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Oct 20, 2011
I work at target as in Instocks, Few days ago I found a pair of shades on the sales floor in some random area on the sales floor. With no DPCI or anything, they just looked like a pair of shades. I immediately thought the shades could belong to a customer that is long gone by now. Without thinking, I picked up because they were cool and my favorite type of sunglasses.

Later on, I begin thinking; "Does Target sell these?" And I'm starting to think that I stole them from Target. I've never seen these types of glasses in target but I have seen them being sold from street vendors outside for 5 dollars.

I'm just worrying my head off because I cant afford to lose my job over a stupid impulse decision that I made. I feel pretty bad actually.
Um. You have more problems than that. You can be terminated for NOT turning merchandise in to Lost & Found, though it will be pretty difficult to locate you taking the item on camera. Also, unless people HATE you, you can make the plausible defense of "Oh ************, I forgot completely."

Either way, I wouldn't worry, but you are an ass for not turning them in.
Turn them to lost & found ASAP.
This is guests' favorite gripe when they've lost something of value & it hasn't turned up at lost & found: an employee stole it. Is your job really worth a pair of sunglasses?
Dude, turn them.
Just say you were so busy you forgot.
Your job isn't worth a pair of frecking sunglasses.
Initially my idea was to bring the glasses back the next time I worked. Yeah it was a pretty assy move of me not to put it in the lost and found. I'll definitely bring them in with me and talk to someone about putting them in the lost and found.

I really wasn't thinking. Thanks for the input.
honestly if the deed is already done, i'd just bring them to work, and give them to a SD TM and just say these are for lost and found. Don't bother explaining yourself, just setting yourself up to get in trouble at that point.
I'm with Imerzan on this one; as a SD TM I wouldn't think twice about being handed a pair of sunglasses for lost and found. We probably have about a dozen pair of them at any one time at our store! At least you have a conscience, which is more than I can say for some of the team members at my store.
If they look used just bring them to lost and found, like Imerzan said just tell em to put it in lost and found, keep your story for later if you're asked don't offer it.

You should be good..
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