Schedule changing?

Nov 15, 2020
So they posted the wall schedule for thanksgiving week on Tuesday and today I check the Kronos / online and the schedule is different on there, which schedule do I go by the in store paper ones or Kronos? I work again tmr Monday so I’m gonna check if they reprinted it or talk to HR just a little lost
Mar 17, 2020
For my store, the paper version is the official one.
I had a situation where I got talk to that I was a NCNS. And when I told them that I wasn’t scheduled based on schedule on the board. Ans they did confirm I wasn’t. I guess the only reason they can tell me is that someone might have updated my schedule on the computer after the paper version was put up on the board. And this is why I take pictures of my wall schedule (even though HR does not like us making photocopies-but whatever I only take a picture of mine because I can’t trust them with what happened)


reshop till I drop
Apr 17, 2019
At my store, once it is posted on the wall they don't make changes to the schedule unless you sign up for swap shift or they ask you to come in for a different day or time. Then they usually say they will put it in the system, but they don't change the posted schedule.