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Jun 25, 2011
I have been at Target for almost two years and to start I had a great ETL. I started as cashier, learned guest services, some food service, a little pharmacy and then I was trained to be the fitting room operator which I did exclusively for a couple of months this year. I am a guest service team member so when the operator position reverted back to softlines, my etl gave me the option of changing my work center to softlines or staying guest services. I didn't want to be softlines for a couple of reasons so I told her I wanted to stay guest services but that I would be willing to work an operator shift if they needed me to.

That worked out fine for a little while until my etl went on loa and the softlines etl took over guest service scheduling. I was once again scheduled only in operator shifts and I had fewer hours as a result. I didn't say anything because I don't like to rock the boat and I knew that it would go back to normal once my etl returned. Two months later she did return and things got better, I do one night of operator and a combination of service desk and cashier shifts the rest of the week. My etl left us about two weeks ago and I have a schedule full of operator shifts and am down to three days instead of five.

I think I know why she schedules me as opposed to her other operators, I've been told many times that I am the most efficient operator they have, which is nice but it's kind of not my problem at the same time. The other three operators have been operators for years and it's tiring to be the one who does what they are supposed to do all the time.

I guess my question is should I wait it out or should I talk to her? I really don't want to talk to her, she's not the etl I would go to for help, if you know what I'm saying but I need my schedule to be right. We do have a new guest experience etl, should I maybe talk to her first? I find her to be a lot more approachable and hopefully she will take over making the guest service team schedule sometime soon. Any feedback you guys have, I would appreciate it.
Depends on the store & depts. In our store, TLs will do schedules but ETLs will do edits. Some depts have set schedules, others have a few set folk & the rest are in constant flux. Then there's the wrench in the works when you lose a dependable long-timer you leaned heavily on.
It is suggested to find out who you work for, sl or ge? Then ask for hours. Knowing multi workcenters help you. Ask for more in other areas. Ask gstl for starters..
The ETL's do the schedules in our store. Whatever their special department may be Softlines, Hardlines, etc. They write the schedules for those departments. The ETL in question knows that I can work in other departments, the problem is she doesn't schedule me in those other departments in addition to the operator shifts that come my way. I know what I need to do, it's really just a matter of doing it I guess.
This happens even when you don't have different schedulers for each workgroup/workcenter, but the tendency is greater when TLs/ETLs edit their own areas. It's probably a result of the sequencing of the editing process: The schedules for the other workcenters you wish to work in are completed at the same time -- or before -- the schedule for the Fitting Room/Operator workcenter. One suggestion, if your store uses secondary workcenters in MAX, you can ask your HRTM to add those other workcenters you're trained in as secondaries (some experienced schedulers don't add secondary workcenters, however, because MAX sometimes/often does bizarre things with them that creates more work.) Even so, the person who schedules operator may delete any non-operator shifts that conflict with her/his scheduling needs. When all is said and done, though, most execs will tell you that the store schedules according to the "business need", so maybe you should learn Softlines.
I say tell her. Just let her know how your situation was before your ETL left and I'm sure they will understand.
Just to let you know, in a lot of stores, the Softlines ETLs are taking over the Guest Experience ETL role.

Just talk to the Softlines ETL and let them know you still want to work guest services and any other areas in addition to the fitting rooms/operator.

There are ETLs out there when they notice you are strong in one area, they will just schedule you in that one area.
I know. I'm going to talk to her the next time I see her and get it straightened out.
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