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Jun 7, 2011
After starting a new thread yesterday (Black Friday was a "bust" at my store so far...) moaning about how slow my store was at 4am, we picked up again at 10am and stayed busy until close (that's what I was told when I went in last night). Our store was budgeted to do $730,000 (not the $750,000 that I stated in my first thread), We ended up doing $825,000 setting a new single day sales record. The previous record was on Black Friday two years ago when we did $730,000 (we did $715,000 last year). So what do I know about anything? Not much. Looks as though the midnight opening is here to stay.

How did everyone else do?
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The reason that my store (who also set a 1 day sales record) looked "slow" is because of several reasons. 1) MOST BF stories you see on TV are isolated incidents and that "reality" does not exist in the stores, 2) metering at the doors works fantastic (we were a test store for it last year), 3) Processes in the stores are better. Que lines. Baggers. Taking TV's out of electronics. These step all get more guests in the store with less issues and more opportunities for the guest to leave the store with the item(s) they came in to buy Lastly (and sadly I may add), is that we are getting used to the madness that is BF. It used to shock us, but now it's par for the course.
ULV store, missed forecast by ~20k.

Less than 10 stores in my group of ~80 stores made forecast.
I don't know the numbers as I'm not working today, but I really felt that my store was very slow. We had the line snaking through the aisles for the first 2 1/2, 3 hours... and then it really became more like a Saturday. We had 15 lanes and 30 cashiers.... and after 3 we only had 7 lanes open and the rest of the cashiers helped on the floor.
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