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Should I report this???

Discussion in 'General Target Chat' started by JustJoe, Mar 12, 2014.


Should I call the hotline and report my STL?

Poll closed Mar 12, 2014.
  1. Yes

    22 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Trainer

    This would be me. If someone made me learn, I would, but I clean up enough chemicals and bodily fluids and whatnot as a parent. I won't do it if I don't have to at work.

    That said, I didn't call for a cart attendant to sweep up the kitty litter and have swept up plenty of glass and worked with the beauty TM to clean up a congealed/hardened body wash spill on a shelf, but I don't even know where the mopping supplies are or where to get the water and dispose of the dirty water, etc. and don't really want to know, frankly.
  2. redeye58

    redeye58 Hasta Ba Rista, Baby!

    Careful with helping out like that.
    If you have a reaction to something you cleaned up improperly & it comes up that you didn't take even basic training for the 'dos & don'ts' it could lead to disciplinary action since it puts the company at risk.
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  3. IWishIKnew

    IWishIKnew Team Trainer

    Eh, cleaning up stuff I've cleaned up before in my own house, in small quantities I'm ok with. I did ignore a spill of Comet or some other powdered cleaner when putting out some chem stuff in grocery because that wasn't something I was cool with cleaning up without gloves (not being sure what it was, exactly, or what reactions it could cause) and we were busy enough that I didn't want to bother the CA or one of the few grocery folks we had on that day. It was towards the back of the shelf and I only noticed it because I was trying to fit in discontinued stuff wherever I could.
  4. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    And my previous STL would told him to clock out and go home. He would have then written a coaching for inappropriate behavior (ie talking down to a STL not insubordination) which would have been a lead off to get him pushed out.

    Why do I know this? Because it happened at my store about 18 months ago.
    STL was in even mood (not good nor bad) and asked said TM to do a task that while he wasn't paperwork trained to do could easily do. Said TM didnt really like STL so he told him he wasn't trained to do this and then ignored him him. STL asked again. TM repeated same statement as pointed out he could get the paperwork to prove it.
    STL raised his voice (not angerly but to be clear) and told him who want in the middle of breaking out a flat of freignt that 'He was done for today. Clock out and go home.' TM and others like me who were in earshot went silent. He stood, stared and then walked to time clock.

    He was 'shoved' out 3 weeks later.

    To be really clear, since the topic is spill cleanup and whether you are trained or not. I will give you two takes and how to properly get out of it
    1. As manager of restaurants and Hotel, I have had bloodborne pathogen training, hazmat training and chem training. with the PETE crap.
    2. shampoo is none of those. So STL viewed you as getting out of work because the policy Traget has is asinine because it exists because people sue over asinine things.
    3. The policy is sadly true.
    4. Never Refuse to do anything a leader tells you that is a cleanup that doesn't involve bodily fluids or dangerous chemicals. Laundry soap is not a dangerous chemical to clean up. battery acid, bleach, ammonia, motor oil are.
    I am assuming you were legitimately trying to follow the rules not trying to use the rules to not do an unpleasant task. So if you (or anyone reading thsi) is told to do a cleaning and you aren't a CA etc and havent taken the training (which you should have done in your first 90 days) Ask how to do it politely as you havent been trained. 'I am sorry, Jim, But I haven't been training how to properly do that, so I don't know. Wait until they leave. Policy also says someone is required to stand they and guard the spill until its cleaned up. So if they say anything other than how to teach you, then be silent and wait until they leave and then go to spill station (red stantion with ?) and get sorb. If there is none, get paper towels . If there are none get them.
    Get someone else to help quickly and get it up.

    Then go talk to ETL hR about convo.

    Now if you said it to me, I would ask why you were trained. That answer would tell me if you were
    1. trying to get out of it because you didnt want to do it
    2. or didnt actually know
    3. or were trying to actually follow the rules.
    Following that, I would send you away and do it myself because most spills take 5 minutes to clean up.

    I have cleaned up / dumped
    1. downy on myself because a guest left it open on a self and getting down for another I grabbed it by the lid
    2. spaghetti sauce dropped in the middle of the race track and ignored
    3. 60 gallons of milk that crashed down when a grocery TM tried to move the pallet and it clipped a pole causing the pallet to collapse.
    4. motor oil because an idiot didnt understand you dont open it and it fell off the shelf
    5. nail polish because the glass bottle broke. TM wanted to help and was pouring actetone on to the tile to clean it up while we were open. (that is hazmat)
    6. feces from walls because well you know
    7. tide/percil/gain etc because of DC fcukery
    8. bleach because it kills weevils/ aforementioned issue in 7 and other idiocy (i want to know what it smells like) SMH
    9. urine because of reason 6 (in carpet no less)
    10. leakage from the compactor because some homeless person figured out how to open the compactor door (nearly killed himself too) This was 2 months in. Yes TL was breaking policy and it was the last straw for him anyway.
    11. gasoline because someone thought it was a good idea to bring that into the store.
    So this is a time to use your head. Yes the policy is one your side. However, you can easily get yourself pushed out. So go talk to HR and get your solution there. Hotline will only get you marked.

    AS for my old STL? He got fired for something else 5 months later.
  5. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    I agree 100%
  6. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    I am beginning to believe that your leadership team needs to be replaced. No I never question if you are on the computer because You need to be and this is an intranet. I have every legal right to see where you went so if you and reading on workbeach its time well spent.
  7. Flow Warrior

    Flow Warrior Team Leader

    Vomit, blood, semen, urine, feces, vaginal excretions, and salivia are bodily fluids and need the bloodborne pathogen training and certification.
  8. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    You and me both. We lost our pillars(ETLs) in the last year and its just going down like the fucking Titanic cause they have been replaced by green lazy newbies who don't get you gotta get your hands dirty to have a functioning store. The grouchy asshole ETL's kept these lazy fucks in check now they are gone its all "I got mine screw you."

    So we all get to the be the rats on the sinking ship.
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  9. daemon

    daemon New Team Member

    4 pages and no one else came to the conclusion that this was NOT a hazardous chemical spill? It is freaking shampoo! It is a completely safe topical ointment. IF you ingest it you may just suffer some bad indigestion and diaria. Hazardous chemical spills are bodily fluids or if for some reason something really corrosive spilled (battery acid, ect).

    Drop a bag of magic dust, push it into the soap spill with a broom, sweep up after 10 minutes, ta da!
  10. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    I understand this, however target makes these stupid rules and you tell the employee following the rules "No your dumb don't follow the rules we spent an entire day telling you to follow." It also goes out as a ESIM, don't be pissed at someone following rules you told them to follow.

    Do you not see the idiocy of what leadership did? Don't make rules then get mad at people following them.
  11. daemon

    daemon New Team Member

    Except its not the rule. Shampoo is not considered a hazardous spill in target.
  12. Bosch

    Bosch Executive Team Leader

    I give newbies the benefit of the doubt, its the time to educate not scold and coach. And if he was by himself would need the clean up stuff brought to him, since you can't leave a spill. And it goes out as ESIM, that can easily be confused by a newbie.
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  13. GoodyNN

    GoodyNN Plays with strings

    Then maybe Target needs to change their training videos. Because the one that everyone gets clearly states that only certified trained TMs are allowed to clean up spills that are not food or beverage, and that everyone else has to call for assistance for any other type of spill. It does NOT tell me that I can make a judgment call based on whether it's Tide or Clorox.
  14. daemon

    daemon New Team Member

    Process of elimination says that it would need to be something harsher then the chemical used to clean it up. Clorox is a tool we use to clean things with. Bio-matter is obviously different as it isn't harsh, but all bio-matter is treated as a hazardous chemical.
  15. Bethy

    Bethy Team Member

    Can confirm that the waste cleanup video explicitly says that we need to call for someone trained if the spill is anything other than water, food, or other beverage.

    The day after my “training” on hazardous cleanup, a guest dropped a bottle of soap near me. A couple days before and I would’ve grabbed a paper towel....but I honestly thought it was a trick/test of my training so I called for the CA. Felt so bad ugh.

    Since then I’ve been asked (on separate ocassions) to clean up a broken snow globe, a spill in infants (likely vomit), cat litter, and to clean the women’s bathroom because the CA called out...
    At this point didn’t really care so just sucked it up...but target really needs to get more consistent with their policies/training