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  1. Are all stores getting obsessed with single price point endcaps? Grocery it definitely makes sense. But in hardlines I am constantly having to reset endcaps because we do not keep enough inventory on hand to have that many single price ends. Our DTL wants at least 80% single price.
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    The new signing made it sound like a get used to trying for single price endcaps until they realize it's not stockable.
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    Yep, this is coming pretty much straight from the top. It was touched on in FNM; simplifying Target's pricing strategy, or something like that.

    But this begs a question to which I still haven't received a satisfactory answer: then why aren't they sending us single price point sales planners?

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    Yup! This was my weekend off and when I came back, our interim STL had told my team to change every single endcap
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    Exactly this! I'd love to set single price point ends. The problem is, you need items that make sense together or a lot of one item.... That are all the same price. That's not very common. If you do come up with something, you're going to blow out the home location to fill the end to just the facings + maybe another deep. The only SPP SPLs I've seen are mugs in kitchen and the single item/bulky item sales planners
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    We have been having to change out end caps all week because we don't have the product to support single price point and keep them full. We are also now red on TWT because we are being told to ignore any SPLS sent to us that are not Single price. It is what it is I guess, I told my Co lead if I am going to now have to change end caps daily and "shop" the back room then I am done doing reshop. I can't get all my tasks done and do all the reshop foe all of hardlines and zone something. Somethings gotta give
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    That's ridiculous. Half of that shit is usually temporary product that doesn't have a home location. It will just sit in the back until it goes clearance.
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    Yeah the ones that don't have a home we still set but everything else gets changed to single price
  9. If you're not setting SPLs, I feel bad for the TLs who are going to have to explain to all the vendors who audit ECs where all their stuff is.
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    Vendors can sod off with their complaints, lol. My store is good about setting sales planners, but we're also good about killing endcaps if we don't have the instocks to support them. This has caused some friction with vendors, but besides a bit of complaining to the LOD they're harmless. Bonus points for when they ask for the LOD and I'm LOD.
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  11. They need to get rid of sales planners totally and let us do what we want for spp or they need to make all sales planners spp. It is a pain in my ass every week to figure out what to set, what not to set, set something bc it doesn't have a home just to come in he next day and someone has taken it down bc it's not spp. IF someone flexes it somewhere I can't find it when I need to for price change. As a PPTL it is horrible. I'm trying to keep TSOT and SF LOC ACC green and this is ruining my scores.
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    I've been ignoring SPP unless it makes sense and the sales planner calls for it. Had a group visit today and nothing on it came up so I'm pretty sure they don't care.
  13. Give me some planning hours and I will make it happen. But the week after Christmas workload? Its being set how it was sent down. If they want SPP then they need to get their acts together and send them out that way.
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  14. All SPP does it gets people to set endcaps with a single DPCI on it. Which is a god awful strategy to make sales. Maybe if we had loads of people and payroll to support the extra planning/work needed, but otherwise no.

    If they're going to push SPP then they should do away with SPLs or make them SPP to match. Don't give us plans and tell us to ignore them then bust our ass when the metrics aren't good.
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  15. In order for this option to work, spot needs to make the product stays full on the endcap.
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    Amen that has happened to me a few times. Such a waste of time I don't have.
    So tell me what we should do with a dept like Domestics? Put only queen size electric blankets on the front ec to make it spp? Or only king size sheets on an ec to make it spp? Yah I'll get right on that.

    We were told for the holidays in our store to make every ec give it, get it or wrap it and spp. So paper ec's are gift wrap, pets is toy ec's, home decor is sm app ec's, shoe step downs have toys on them etc. So come the monday after Christmas every ec will need to be changed that day along with finishing setting and pushing mini and seasonal...and there just might be some zoning and reshop to do...and maybe a guest or two too.

    And after battling up hill in the snow backwards to set spp; I don't see a dramatic or even slight jump in sales, does anyone else? What I see selling is whats on sale. Our ec's, single price point or not, don't budge much till they are on sale then its hard to keep them filled.
  17. They need to find products that actually sell, and at a single price point. Those crosley record players have been a single price point for two years now on some lame back endcap that no one cares about and they ain't doing so hot. Grocery does make sense for like soup or canned fruit beans candy... It's my understanding that the etl sales floor wants every endcap to be spp because she's just 'soooo' by the book, therefore she should get her ass out there and start making that possible. Lifting a finger once doesn't give you a voucher to not get your hands dirty for 3 months then repeat. Our log etl is making her look like deadweight just by actually physically working.
  18. I'm sorry... Spp toys in shoes?! That doesn't even make one little bit of any kind of merchandising sense. We are at least keeping the same dept where it should go. I'm
    Pretty sure I would flip out on whoever put toys in shoes even if it was the stl. That just... No... Nope... No words...

    I plan on setting all my new sales planners come 12/26. I am not going to be held responsible for a TWT score on MyPerformance on my review because of this shit. I will map out all SPP endcaps to the front and put non spp on the backs but I am not going to not set them.

    I hope this spp craziness all dies down after Christmas is over and we can just do spp as they come in from corporate or if we have an abundance of something and need to make an endcap of it.
  19. I wanted to put up some wine and champagne at checkouts now until New Years but that's a no go.
  20. I thought of SPP today when I built a plastics EC with 4 DPCIs and none with the same price. :rolleyes:

    BTW, Spot, 4' ECs with 3' headers look terrible, just sayin....