Archived So a Playstation rep might be on hand during the Wii U launch

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Oct 14, 2011
This is probably the first stupid idea I have ever seen at work.

So I get an email from my manager telling me that SCEA is going to be trying to have more of a "brand prescence" at retail stores in the coming months, and that they are trying to work out agreements with retailers. Apparently this is all because other companies (like Apple, Ford, Radio Shack, etc.) are all making agreements to increase their "brand prescence" in retail stores the past few years and now SCEA wants in on it.

So, instead of just visiting retail stores, they are going to try to have us be in them for up to a few hours a week. Doing what you ask? Well, no one knows.... but apparently they are floating some incredibly stupid ideas.

What ideas you ask? Well, the email told me that I might have to go to a certain store (or stores) on the Wii U launch day and stand around the Sony section. Doing what you ask? "Answering questions" about the PS3 just in case anyone decides to pick up a PS3 when the hoard of people arrive to get the Wii U.

This is coming from people who have never worked a day in retail, and while this idea might sound good on paper I don't think they realize how incredibly stupid it will be in practice. First of all, no one is going to want to put down a couple hundred more for a PS3 when they are already spending a ton to buy the Wii U. Second of all, 99% of people buying the Wii U on launch day probably already own a PS3. Third, people are going to be rushing home to try the Wii U on launch day. They are not going to stand around and talk to us about a several year old system.

To make matters worse, we may have to do this whenever a big title comes out or for midnight releases.

What is the bigger goal? The plan is to apparently get us to spend several hours a week at retail stores next year just standing around trying to upsell people on Sony products. So in other words, standing around a Best Buy 20 hours a week.

Considering there are only about 4 playstation reps per city, I really don't know WTF they hope to accomplish. Standing around 4 stores when the city has 200+ stores selling our products really isn't going to do anything.

None of this is for sure yet, and it sounds like it is mostly a lot of "wouldn't it be cool if...." kind of talk.... but damn, if this ends up happening I might have to look for another job. If I wanted to work at a Best Buy, Target, Wal-mart, or Gamestop I would have applied to work at one.
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