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Oct 14, 2011
Ok, so I am our stores electronics TL. Yesterday our playstation rep (who I am on very good terms with) mentioned to me that he was about to quit his job because he is moving out of state. He told me I should apply for his job and he would put in a good word for me. I immediately told him I wasn't interested.

Now that I have thought about it, however, I am wondering if that was stupid to do? Now that I think about it, his job really wouldn't be that bad. FYI - I know from talking to him over the past year that he gets to do more than just go to stores - he also gets to go and represent Sony at electronics conventions, etc. He also pretty much gets 40 hours a week every week and benefits.

So I am thinking I should give him a call and see if maybe I can get him to put in that good word for me? The problem is, of course, that I would have to quit my job as a TL. Just don't know if it would be worth it?
I would give him a call.
As long as you don't mind driving all over he)) and gone, I suspect his job would be much more interesting, exciting, and have more options then then the one you have now.
Apply for that job before quitting Target and if you don't get the new job you still have your TL job. If that's what you want.
I agree with the replies so far,could be a great opportunity and you will get to meet a lot of new never know where it will lead,a lot of doors could open.Being a tl with Target you pretty well know where your career is going.I say follow it up and see what happens,I would keep it quiet at store level for now,good luck.
All of us here know the typical career path at spot. Get hired, get TL spot, 26 years go by, and retire. Not that it's a bad career, but, I think you will have more opportunity with Sony, and if it doesn't work out you wont regret applying for it or regret the experience (at least I wouldn't!) I say go for it!
Man, being a rep can be stressful in some areas (specifically with stores and management that are non-compliant or in general hostile towards vendors) but it's in general so much more chill. Seriously, assuming you're not strapped for cash and it's not a substantial pay cut (and in some cases it's a pay raise) I'd say do it. The only issue is that sometimes the flexibility of the job is totally shot and you're pulling in 15+ hours in a day because of time sensitive materials and information.
Call him! Don't let regret in not calling him haunt you for the rest of your life. Here is your chance..
My cousin was eating at a tavern she worked at this summer when a dude overheard her talking about cameras... She's a photographer. He started asking her about her opinions on Sony products. Long story short and after a short interview, she was hired as a Sony rep via Marketstar.

She loves the job! She basically sets up the displays and markets Sony products in electronic stores. She gets great pay, benefits, and her miles are paid for. I'm happy for her (and a bit jealous!).

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