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First day today any suggestions?:dance4:

I was hired a couple of weeks ago and am in softlines too. I'd suggest using the pull-out shelves found on some of the tables whenever possible to fold will help reduce strain on your back (or am I just showing my age?). Hopefully you have a good, thorough trainer. Don't be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure about something. Good luck!
Also, read your learning plan. Ck out our guides under salesfloor to softlines, more tips on zoning.
comfy shoes, smile on the face and a willingness to learn is what I always tell people.

Learn the table fold and doing it properly on the chest.

Be quick to the call buttons and back up calls.

Show respect to guests and the other team members....the entire never know when you will need some help.
Welcome! I just started a couple of weeks ago, too. If your store has enough walkies to go around, learn how to use them as quickly as possible. Also, never forget you have the jewelry keys in your pocket and then take your lunch. Especially if the other set of keys is in the pocket of a softlines TM already on break.
Welcome to the board! Read up on Guides for SL to get a better understanding of what will be going on there!
greetings and salutations.
Always be ready to learn something new
Ask a lot of questions and think of ideas that can improve the area. I know you are just a team member, but that is exactly what I look for in my team. I always end up asking them questions, I'm a TL but new to the area and even if I have an idea and plan I end up a couple of my team members what they think of my idea. Plus a lot of them have been a soft lines team member for as long as I've been at Target.
I'm a Tl of Softlines :) welcome if you have any questions feel free to pm me
But suggestions if you have any issues need help with anything go to your Tl with any questions we love helping. Like everyone else said try to be inovative keep a fast fun friendly attitude it will be hard because you will fold the same table 3-4 times a night but look at it this way your drivin sales in your area
And get to know the other Softlines tms they've been they're for a while so they can be useful :) good luck and welcome to Softlines
Always ask questions to sl tm's, sometimes there is no sl tl. But they know all the tricks of the job.'I love my sl team greatly! Gtc to them!
Softlines is a lot of fun, it is very detail oriented especially when zoning racks, making sure everything is by size, by color and by style. Folding tables can be time consuming as well, but the tables look so crisp and clean, follow the folds on the shirt and I am sure you will have your trainer show you how as well. When putting away merchandise on shelves or pegs check the label, it will have a little star if there is another location for that item, either down or across from it, that way you can make sure that there is equal peg distribution. As you are there you will learn about different department numbers which makes reshoping easier because at times the flow team will put out merchandise because it looks similar, (i.e. woman's bike shorts that belongs in bodywear, yet they are boy's bike shorts). This is just a few things please ask me or anyone else for any questions. We are here to help.
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