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The Mule

Jack Of All Workcenters
Jun 9, 2011
Hey gang,

Sorry for my roughly 3 month hiatus. I originally didn't anticipate the hardships(HA!, a pun, but more on that in a minute) I had to face, but luckily I've made it through the latest round of trials and tribulations life has thrown my way. I ended up losing my internet access which I only thought was going to be a few days at most. Just as I'm ready to plan on using my next check to turn it back on, I receive a letter from Target through their internal mail. What could this wondrous news be? The state has put a lien against my account and they will be holding wages to pay a past tax debt that I didn't know about because they had the wrong address on file in that department. First check with the lien and they actually end up taking more out than what I was able to take home. I know, how did I end up being so lucky, right? I actually ended up applying for Target's Hardship Fund and was approved, helped smooth over some of my more immediate bills. So, by the time I've finally caught up and paid off all my bills again, I had lost out on a month and a half of pay. Finally able to get things turned back on late last month but life has been pretty hectic and I wasn't quite ready to make the commitment to these forums again until now. Glad to be here again and I will strive to not let myself disappear for such and extended time.

Why were things so hectic you might ask? Well, in the interim since my last post here, I have been actively training for promotion. My TL knew of where I wanted to go with the company and was doing their best to train me for what opening they thought would be coming soon. About three weeks ago though I was presented an opportunity that I simply could not afford to pass up. I quickly applied for an opening that I honestly didn't think I would get but wanted to at least make the interview for the experience and leave a positive impression for the future. I had full expectation that i could handle the job if given the opportunity, just that there would likely be a field of other candidates with a better chance. I was quickly run through the paces by my TL, ETL and STL for the interview process and sent on my merry little way. I interviewed with my soon to be district leader for roughly a half hour, told to expect a reply in a week or two. Two DAYS later i get a call from them again that the store I would be working at wants to do another interview already. Interview goes well again, little shorter than before, told to hear back again in about a week. Again, two DAYS later I'm called and asked to be prepared for a group leader to do a phone interview with me(was soooo not expecting a third interview for this one). Everything is said and done now and I have officially been "extended an offer" for the position. What position you ask? Oh, why I'm going to be the Store Facility Technician at my new store.

Let me just take the time to point out two important things here that I hope some take away from this post. First, Target is still a profit motivated company, but i can attest to the fact that the Hardship Fund is real and can be accessed by those put into unexpected financial stress. They may not be perfect, but you will be hard pressed to find many other large employers who would be willing to offer this service. I for one am grateful. Secondly, I have worked through Target from a Flow TM/Backroom TM, to and Instocks TM, to Signing TM and now to SFT in less than 3 years. For those that don't realize it, SFT is a TL level position and then some. I've done all of this with no more than a High School Diploma and the will to make things happen. I even discussed re-reimbursement for college courses and either eventual district promotion down the road or transferring back to the retail side as a ETL, both of which my new DTL was happy to hear and has already encouraged me to follow long term. Do not believe it when others say promotion is impossible, I can attest to this being false. Does everyone get what they want? No, but there is the possibility, and that is more than a lot of the naysayers will admit to.

Again, sorry for my absence, I'll do my best to not let it happen again.

- The Mule
We have missed you! Hey, slave! You have a new trainee!
Welcome back!
It is suggested to ck your credit report for any other issues. It's free.
Here ya go -- pick up where you left off
Congratulations on the promotion.
You'll make a great SFT.
I think it's one of the most important jobs in the store.
Sorry you had to go through such a horrorshow with you pc but I'm glad you're back with us.
What PG is an SFT? 15?

Where I am, they are PG 17. The nice thing is, my pay isn't set yet. The last thing I have to do is sit down and discuss wages for the position, but I already know going in what the minimum to expect, DM already told me it would be "several dollars more" an hour.
Very happy for you Mule - like your signature says,
"Life presents the moments to you, but only you can make the choices. Choose wisely."

welcome back!
About freakin' time you showed up!
We were ready to turn the dogs out to hunt you down.
And, of course, congrats. Knew you could do it.
WOW! PG 17 is hugee! Usually its your base pay + a set amount.. When I jumped from PG11 to PG 15, it was an additional $3.50 added to my hourly wage. PG 17 is a Sr.TL PG and the highest hourly wage. Congrats!! That's HUGE!!
Congrats Mule! Take a deep breath. Now go get em. Since you have already worked almost everywhere in the store, you know what is expected of you on the store level. Great Job!!
Talked to my new HR tonight on the phone. Everything went fine and I'll be starting in a few weeks there. They brought up wages and gave me a number. Took their first offer without a problem considering it was more than what I originally stated I was looking for in my first interview. Today was a GOOD day. :excited:
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