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Jun 11, 2011
So tomorrow I'm scheduled for 2 different shifts at different work centers. One shift is for guest service and the other is for cashier.
I just wanted to make sure I clock in for guest service, clock out, then when its time for my cashier shift(An hour after my guest service shift ends), I just clock in and clock out when I'm done right?

Probably a dumb question but just wanted to make sure.
Are either of the shifts long enough that you need a lunch? Occasionally when we've had cashiers work a split shift where they've worked something like four hours early in the day and then four at night, they've done start meal when they left their first shift and end meal when they come back for the second one. I'd check with your GSTL or LOD because I'm sure they don't want you to end up in compliance.
Both shifts are 3 hours long with an hour difference between them, the guest service shift is a training shift to get me crossed trained and the person giving me the shift told me to take a lunch, but I'm not sure if he meant take a meal or just go eat somewhere and come back later.

I'll ask when I go in tomorrow.
He probably meant for you to clock out for a lunch, but I'd ask just the same. I've never seen two shifts scheduled an hour apart: usually they're separated by the amount of time you'd be out for lunch, either 30 or 45 minutes, depending on your state. For exampe, 8-12 as Cashier and 12:45-4 as Guest Service, allowing for a 45-minute lunch to be taken in between.
You should clock out for lunch between shifts. I know at our store if you clock out for the day and have another shift an hour or so later the timeclock won't let you punch in. You're supposed to clock out for a meal and then back in when the shift starts.
I worked a split shift once, 4 hours in the day and then 4 hours closing, and was able to clock in and clock out normally for each shift. There was 4 hours between the shifts also.
Yeah I just clocked out and clocked back in because they were different work centers...
If you clock out with END WORK, you have to have LOD approval to clock back in. Just use START LUNCH and END LUNCH for your second shift. I have done this many times before, sometimes I have 2 hours in between so I go home. This Saturday I took a 9:00-5:30 cashiering shift and am scheduled for 6:00-10:00 cashiering. Basically I have to take 2 lunches so I don't get written up. ;)
I was able to clock out with end work then clock in with start work for my second shift. It's because I was scheduled in two different work centers. One shift at guest service and the other for cashiering.
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