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Oct 11, 2011
I got to thinking, songs have hidden meanings, wether we make them to be that way or actually there is truth in the lyrics. So why not make these truths Spot tailored. I will start. There is a song called "All That's Known" on the soundtrack of Spring Awakening. There is a part where the lyrics go as such ( I will type the lyrics in "" and then type the spot tailored meaning beneath) :

"You doubt them and soon they bark and hound you"
Questioning Target's Best Practice opens you up to being a free thinker which Target does not like

"All The Say is Trust in what is written"
Follow the policies and don't ask questions

"Thought is suspect"
Again if you are seen to be questioning Target, they will put you in your place for being a free thinker and going against them

"And Money is Their Idol"

No need for elaboration, but we all known that Spot is only worried about hitting sales goals

"And nothing is okay unless is scripted in their bible"

Basically, if its not Brand, they aren't having it

So lets see what others can come up with
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