Archived Steps to selling a Target Red Card?

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Jun 30, 2012
So I'm new to Target and have worked only 2 days. I asked one lady if she wanted to sign up for a Red Card and she said yes, she chose the debit card. So I scanned the booklet and then she swiped her credit card and then it got to a point where it asked for a pin number. She asked me what pin number to put in and I had no idea. So at that point did she have to make up a new pin number or type in a pin number for her credit/debit card she was using to pay with? Thank you!

Also, what's the step by step process for the Red Card debit and credit card? I didn't really understand it in the cashier manual :/ Thanks!
Ah so your store allows the Debit card to be ran thru to apply..that'd be very convenient..

Anyways basically just follow onscreen prompts. Most stores require a blank check to sign up for the Target Debit Card, however as your store has, can use the debit card itself to apply. As far as the credit card goes, you just scan the 'terms' and run their I.D. through - meanwhile they fill out information on their end (Social,DOB,Phone#,Income). After that, it'll verify information and boom, you're set.
The steps for the application are a lot easier than trying to get a guest to open a RedCard in the first place. If you can talk a guest into applying, you've got it made.
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