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Jun 24, 2011
I think there was a thread on the old forum for this topic, sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

I just need to express my extreme displeasure with the heating and cooling systems in
the store. There seems to be no solution, we are at one extreme or the other.

Anyone else? Am I alone?:mda:
After 3 years of wearing gloves in the backroom for winter, and being tempted to do auto cafs in a red speedo durning the summer, they finally gave us all new HVAC units and its awesome. Keep complaining, eventually someone will get tired if it
usually during our cold spells we have the heat blowing in half the store and a/c in the other half,which is strange because the a/c does not work so well in the summer and everyone complains.
Spot controls the HVAC in all the stores. Monitoring the temp in 4 or 5 points inside against the outside temps. To have the A/C on at one side of the store - usually the south side. And the heat on occasionally - north side - can happen. Depending on the SFT's level of smarts - Spot will call to have him change out a faulty sensor.

I had to replace a roof top sensor once or twice over the years. Or have the national account company in your district work on it. Your SFT can over ride the heat at the control panel - for just an hour. Unless he has the STL call Spot - the key words are --- "The Guests are Complaining" Works every time :wink3:
Our store, specifically the backroom, is the same way. The salesfloor is usually hotter than the BR (except for the middle of summer), but during the winter, the temperature difference is even worse. It's been this way at every retail store I've worked at, though. :/
I just wish they would find a way to keep the front end cool. Those registers produce a lot of heat, and even in the winter when the cold air comes in through the doors, it's still ridiculously hot at the lanes.

But seriously, there's no happy medium in any part of any store. It's always one extreme or the other.
our store has had the sensors 'checked/replaced' hundreds of times, and had all the units replaced. I know HQ controls it - just too dang annoying
our store has had the sensors 'checked/replaced' hundreds of times, and had all the units replaced. I know HQ controls it - just too dang annoying

If their replacing sensors - then the problem it deeper - the sensors can cost around 15. to 20. bucks each - but the HVAC control boards run around 350.-ish. If the broad-cast boards ( around 200. to 250. ) that take the info from the RTU's and send it to the main control panel are bad - their e-z to replace but pricey. Spot would wait for a total failure - before spending that kind of money.
Our store is freezing! But guests don't notice because they have their jackets on. In the summer they often complain about how hot the store is, but nothing ever gets done about it. Only when it was literally 100 degrees outside the A/C was cranked up.
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